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  • On the CourseThis course is provided 'Free' to all golfers. It does require all users to enroll by creating an account to enter. Golf is a great game for people of all ages.

    It provides a lifetime of enjoyment and fun and when you reach a certain level of proficiency you will find that you are striking the ball further with better directional control and much more consistency.

    Golf is a game for a lifetime. You can play a round of golf by yourself or join with other golfers.

    Throughout this course we will cover all the various aspects of golf such as; History of golf, How to get started, The Course, Basic golf techinque, Taking your first Golf Lesson, How to Score, The Legends of the Game, Basic Rules and Etiquette, Golf Terms and Definitions, Where do I Practice?, and much more.

    This is your one stop to "Golfing for a Lifetime" with John Furze (PGA Australia, GSED).

    Having a basic understanding is the first and most important step towards your improvement. To fulfil your full potential for improvement will require both application and practice but you will be rewarded with a permanent understanding of the game which will never let you down.

    Free Introduction Course Only

  • On the CourseOne of golf's Finest Instructors will show you in a concise and easy to follow Step-by-Step Program how to become a Better Golfer.

    What YOU are about to read will change your golf forever and at the same time give you the "Truth" on how to play your best golf.

    This is where it all begins. The "Secret" of the Golf Stroke starts within Better Golf Stage # 1. Once we understand the Principles and how to apply them we will then build upon the swing.

    This is a ten lesson program course with sub-headings under each lesson. It can also just be used as an encyclopedia.

    The Stage #1 Course can serve as a "Foundation for an exercise lesson." It is actually so much more than that. In fact, it is the Foundation of the Golf Stroke.

    Only $9.95 Christmas / NewYear Special. Save $10
  • On the CourseIn this Course we will learn how we Acquire additional Components to enable us to build a Better Golf Swing.
    This is a ten lesson program with sub-headings under each lesson. It can also just be used as an encyclopedia.
    Using the vast experience and easy to follow approach of John Furze (PGA, GSED) we will cover important topics such as; Address Routine, Body Pivot, the roll of the Arms and Hands, Power Sources, Swing Plane (the boss of the swing) and so much more.
    The hands are not educated until they control the pivot. This will give you an understanding of how the Pivot is the Motor that controls the golf swing.
    The golf stroke is divided into three Zones of Action, Zone #1 Body, Zone #2 Arms, Zone #3 Hands. The golf stroke must be developed in this sequence or a very weak game is inevitable. 
    Test your knowledge at the conclusion of each lesson to see if you have fully understaood that lesson.

    This is your next step towards perfecting your Full Swing Motion.
    Only $9.95 Christmas / NewYear Special. Save $10