Mrs Amy Tong at the Follow-Through PositionMrs Amy Tong


Hi John

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation on the principles of the "Golf Machine"

My family and I had gone through over 20 coaches since we started playing golf and you are the best coach we have ever had.

My husband Nick recently said" John is so good in teaching players of all ages because he is genuinely interested in teaching and he is widely experienced in his field."

I personally think that you, being the Director of Instruction at the Von Nida Golf Academy for 3 years would make you exceptionally good in the teaching of the Short Game.

Thank you for helping me to choose my new putter and for changing my grip and my putting style.

My overseas and interstates friends and relatives have asked me to thank you too for giving them such memorable golf lessons while they were in Melbourne.

They now know about the body pivots, the pressure points, the power sources and also how important it is to educate their hands.

Thank you so much for helping us to appreciate and enjoy our golf.

 Mrs Amy Tong 

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