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The following are a list of golf  articles on The Golfing Machine written by John Allan May. They were published in the Golf Monthly Magazine.

John Allan May has contributed to trhe Golf Monthly Magazine for 10 years and has also written for the Golf Illustrated Magazine.

As 'Allan Duffer' he wrote a series of humorous sketches that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor for many years.

 The truth about Allan Duffer is that he isn't. A Duffer, that is. While Duffer is a consummate golfer, a man who has developed a good golf game from average physical skills by mastering the mental aspects.

Duffer isn't really A. Duffer, either. He's John Allan May, European Economic Correspondence and London Bureau Chief for the Christian Science Monitor.

 There are a list of Golfing Articles from John Allan May which should give you an insight into areas of TGM.

 The Golfing Machine Articles by John Allan May

Knowledge is Power1. The Golfing Machine by John Allan May


2. The Roll of the Hands  by John Allan May


3. Miniature Drives by John Allan May


4. Get to Grips with your Grip by John Allan May


5. The Machine and the Inner game by John Allan May

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