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 Mr. Alex Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED)The following is an account of the First Authourization School in The Golfing Machine which was attended by Alex Sloan, A.J. Tom Tomasello and Larry Aspenson in January of 1981.

The course was conducted by Homer kelley author of The Golfing Machine in his Golf studio at his private residence.

This is his story as told to me by my personal and close friend Mr. Alex Sloan. 

 It was in the late summer of 1979 that I was standing behind the counter serving customers when in walked Tom Tomasello.

Tommy was a good friend of mine. He was a traveling salesman of golf mds. He walked up to the counter and laid a small yellow book on the counter so I could read the name on the book.

The Golfing Machine was the name on the book, it was the first timethat I had seen or heard of it.

Tommy said, “If you give me an order for some merchandise, I will give you a golf lesson from the book.” I already knew of things that I needed so we took care of business and soon we were on the lesson tee. Tommy worked about 30 minutes with me and the more Tommy talked the better I struck the ball.

I was going to be the host that fall for the Dixie Section of the PGA fall championship. Having just turned fifty, I would be playing in the Senior Division for the first time.

Being host for a golf tournament does not leave much time for the host to work on his golf game. I hit perhaps two bags of balls in prepration.

When I was called to the tee for my tee time in the tournament I teed up the ball and said to myself, “O.K. Tommy, we are going to see how well your instructions works.

On each shot for the fifty-four holes all I concentrated on was what Tommy had told me. Iwas the 1979 Dixie Section Senior Golf Champion. The first tournament I had ever won.

In a few weeks I left for Dadeville to play in the Alabama Chapter Tournament at Still Water Country Club. I had a repeat preformance and won that tournament. In a few weeks I called Bud Burns, my old former boss, and asked if he would be my partner in the upcoming Pro-Pro championship in the Senior division. We played and won that tournament.

Three tournaments in a row and three wins. Unbelieveable. After only one golf lesson from The Golfing Machine Book. What had Tommy told me that gave such dramatic results? The Secret Of Golf.

This was a HUGE turn around for me and my teaching and playing. The following summer Tommy came back to call on me.

The first thing Tommy told me was that Homer Kelley was going to hold his first class for Authorized Instructors in The Golfing Machine in January of 1981 and he wanted me to accomlpany him to Seattle, Washington, to attend the class.

At first thought I rebelled. That was a long way from Florence, Alabama. Tommy and I discussed it at length and I finally realized it was the thing to do.

The Three Attendees at the First Authourized Instructors Course

Alex Sloan    A. J. Tom Tomasello    Larry Aspenson

Together we flew on January 1, 1981 to Seattle and Homer met us at the baggage claim.

Homer was holding up a sign that said, The Golfing Machine. He was wearing a tweed wool hat and sweater.

I had the great privilege of being in Homer Kelley’s first class for Authorized Instructors in The Golfing Machine from January 2-11, 1981.

I was with him for nine to twelve hours a day going through Homer Kelley’s Curriculum for The Golfing Machine.

Homer The "Genius"

Homer was a true genius, perhaps the greatest teacher who ever lived, a great thinker and student of the game.

A man who had a God given talent for solving complicated problems and by his own admission, when he undertook to solve the mysteries of the golf swing, it was the most difficult problem he ever undertook.

He solved the puzzle and gave it to humanity in the form of his book, The Golfing Machine.

It was and is the greatest treatise on golf ever written, a forty year endeavor. He has given us an Infallible way to learn and play golf. I took him for an English nobleman. He was a noble man for sure.

From the first to the last he was a very humble man. He took us to his home to meet his wife, Sally. She had a huge bowl of her home made chocolate chip cookies ready.

At midnight we sat and talked and were treated with a cold glass of milk and cookies. Around 1:00 A.M. Homer took us to a motel and said he would return at 9:00 A.M. to pick us up. 

Thank You Mr. Soan for this very informative account of your time with Homer.

Part #2 to be Continued

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