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The MindYou can have all the latest gear, take lessons from the most accomplished coach, practice until your hands blister and your shoulders burn – but if your mind's not right, it's not going to make any difference.

Pro Golf IQ gets your brain into top shape for golf. Based on rigorous scientific research, it helps you balance and de-clutter the mind at the crucial moment – just before you take your shot.

So like all the top pros, you'll be able to instinctively get into 'the zone' when it most matters.

Whatever level you play at, you will have experienced this:

When you're shaping up to take a shot, every piece of advice you've ever been given suddenly floods into your head. Grip, stance, swing, follow through, wind, trajectory, direction, water, bunkers, trees ... it's far too much information to compute in a split second, so no wonder it sends you into a blind panic. And no wonder you mess up your shot.

 Pro Golf IQ uses a unique and patented process called Inter-hemispheric Synchronic Mediation (ISM) ,entrainment plus several other key techniques, to give you the necessary skills to get both sides of your brain working together – and create that essential 'quiet time', just like the pros do.

After a while, this state of mind will become second nature, and you'll be striking the ball like you've never done before.

This is a completely safe, scientifically based program, which involves one 20 to 30-minute session, three times a week for five weeks.

Each week you will relax and

listen to a powerful new track. Rest assured, Pro Golf IQ is not another hypnotherapy-based relaxation course – there are too many of these on the market already. Pro Golf IQ will not teach you how to play golf but will coach your mind to improve your game.

 Pro Golf IQ uses a unique and patented process called Inter-hemispheric Synchronic Mediation (ISM), brainwave entrainment plus several other key techniques to create a program of mental golf training that will improve your golf swing unlike any other golf training aid on the market today.

The Mind Plays a Dominant Roll

80% of your golf game is to do with the MIND and the other 20% is everything else.

 •Tour Professionals say 80% of the game is in the mind

 •Play better golf with Pro Golf IQ

•Learn how to think like a Tour Professional and get into 'The Zone'

•Improve your swing

•No more negative thoughts

•Play more consistent shots

•Become relaxed and focused on every stroke

•Arguably the best golf training aid on the market 

Now you can start your journey into the best golf you have ever played - SO WHY WAIT!

 Follow the Link to the Pro Golf IQ Webpage.

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