The Laws of Force and Motion

Sir Isaac NewtonThe following article will no-doubt sound quite complicated to many people but unfortunately it can not be annulled. They are there whether you and I like it or not so it is very important to have a full understanding.

On a personal note I have always felt that the more we understand the Mechanics (the behind the scenes of the Golf Stroke)  we can see just Why and How everything fits together into the larger scheme of the Golf Stroke.

The Golf Stroke has two basic elements  - the Geometry of the Circle and the Physics of Rotation.

What are the basic Golf Laws? There are no made up golf Laws, there are only the Laws of Force and Motion.

Law is the Cause. Swings, Strokes, Procedures are the Means only and ball flight whether intended or not intended is the Effect. So it is your choice of Means to apply the Laws to get the desired Effect.

What is the one thing that all Principles have? They have Laws, they have Modus Operandi. The Principle of a boat is Buoyancy. The Principle of an aircraft is Lift and Drag. The Principle of Golf is the Line of Compression (LOC).

Anything that happens is because of Law. Whether it is "Good" or "Bad" (The shot) it is not that the Law is bad but it is incorrectly applied or it has a conflicting element in there and it has to compensate.

For example, when you play a shot,to the right into the trees the ball doesn't go out there because it is mad at you, it is because it is Law biding. It has to go out there because that is exactly the way it was hit.

The Laws of Force and Motion were first set forth by Sir Isaac Newton. They are amazingly very simple. A body at rest will stay there unless something moves it, it is that simple, it is not complicated at all.

The one good thing about Law is that it never quits. Law never takes a day off. Law never changes. They may FEEL different but they will always produce the same result. So you now have the basic essential of repeatability. Just know what Law is operating and how to manage it.

Can we do that? Well it is not up to us, we must, they must be there.

Everything that we do from the moment we get up in the morning these Laws of Force and Motion are in operation, they are universal. They have not changed, you don't have to look around to find them and see what has happened to them. They are utterly dependable.

It doesn't require a great deal of know how, they are just very simple things. 

So we must play LAWFUL GOLF.

 Newton's 1st Law

The law of inertia. Every object continues in a state of rest, or of motion, in a straight line at constant speed, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces exerted upon it.

Newton's first law serves as an explanation for why the golf ball stays at rest until the player strikes the ball.

Also a golf ball will continue to roll in a straight line on a flat green but will slow down due to the force of the grass on the ball. If the green has an uphill slope the motion of the ball will slow down faster due to gravity pulling back on the ball.

If the ball is rolling on the green across a slope on the green then the ball will move in arc downwards with the slope due to the effect of gravity pulling across the motion of the ball.

A ball rolling down a slope on the green will roll further due to gravity pulling forward on the ball and acting against the resistance of the grass. If the slope is great enough the gravity force can be greater than the resistance of the grass and ball will gain speed as rolls down the slope.

The resistance of the grass to the motion of the ball depends on the length of the grass, hardness of the green, dampness and other such factors. These are examples of Newton's First Law in action with the golf ball. (Acceleration and deceleration are really the second law).

That is Newton's First Law, it is a very fundamental Law of Nature, a very fundamental Law of Force and Motion.

Newton's 2nd Law

The law of acceleration. Every object when acted upon by a net force will move with an acceleration dependent on the mass of the object. Acceleration = Net Force/Mass,

While force is measured in Newton's and Mass is measured in kg. This is the explanation for why Tiger Woods and other professionals hit the ball further than most average players.

The professionals cause the ball to be hit with more net force, using a constant Mass, the more net force that is applied to the ball, the more acceleration that is created and the further the ball will go.

Net force is the vector addition of all forces being applied to the ball due the impact with the club. For a vector addition to be maximized all the forces must be aligned in the one direction. This means that the pros both apply more force to the ball, through greater clubhead speed at impact; and better aligned forces.

This results in greater net force causing the ball to accelerate faster and hence travel further.

Newton's 3rd Law

The law of Action and Reaction. Whenever one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first object.

For the purpose of explanation, let the first object be the golf club and let the second object be the golf ball. Newton's 3rd Law states that the force between the club and the ball during contact are equal.

As the club hits the ball, it applies force to the ball causing it to go into motion. The ball also applies an equal force back to the club. This force slows the clubhead down during the contact interval.

 Sir Isaac Newton - Laws of Force and Motion 

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