Float Loading or Downstroke Cocking

This procedure delays the Wrist Cock until the Start-Down. Then the Right Elbow folds on the Downstroke and in turn allows the Left Wrist (for right handed golfers) to Cock.

The Left Wrist is normally Cocked on the Backstroke by the Bending (Cocking / Folding) of the Right Arm and then the Left Wrist is Uncocked by the Straightening of the Right Arm.

The first sign of an early Release on the Downstroke is if the Right Arm has straightened prematurely.

Once the Right Arm is straight at or prior to Impact then the Left Wrist is fully Uncocked and power as been spent. Once this has occurred the Right Wrist will then automatically Flatten from its original Frozen Bent Position and in turn will cause the Left Wrist to Bend. The Clubhead is now passing the hands and we have lost our Lagging Clubhead.

Power has now been spent and the Clubhead is on an Upward and Inward Swing Path.

The Flat Left Wrist at Impact is the No. #1 Imperative of the Golf Stroke.

Every player will go through this session at some point when learning the golf stroke as all the top players have a little Float Loading to some degree.

A vast majority of golfers release (uncock or straighten their Right Arm) to early during the Downstroke and their power is gradually leaking away and spent before they even get to the ball.

David Demostrating Float Loading or Downstroke Cocking

In the following video footage David is demonstrating Float Loading or Downstroke Cocking. He is swing the club back until the Right Forearm is parallel to the ground with no Cocking of his Left wrist. You will notice the David's Right Arm has not folded so this will prevent any Wrist Cock on the Backstroke

As soon as David has reached the Top of the Backstroke he is Gently or even Lazily allowing his Right Elbow to fold and this in turn will allow his Left Wrist to Cock.

You can notice the Lagging Clubhead and how David has strored his power late into the Release Point. This is known as a "Maximum Trigger Delay" whereby the Hip Action ( Hip Action means Work / Thrust) will allow the Clubhead to Throw Out into the inside quadrant of the ball.

There is no try to "HIT" the ball from Release Point. Always remember that a Swinger's best friend in Golf is Centrifugal Force.

As David has reached a "Maximum Trigger Delay" then the inward turning  of his Left Hip (Centripetal Force) will allow the Orbiting Clubhead to shoot out to the inside quadrant of the ball (Centrifugal Foce).

David has reached an excellent Impact Position. His Left Arm and Clubshaft are in a straight line with his Left Wrist is Flat and his Right Wrist Bent.

From Impact Position David continues through to the Follow-Through position which is the first time that both Arms are Straight in a golf stroke. David's Left Arm and Clubshaft are in a stright line and with the Right Arm now fully extended means that his Left Wrist has fully Uncocked. 

Power has now been spent throught the Impact interval and not at or prior to Impact.

From the Follow-Through David will now Swivel his Hands up the Plane and will continue to the Finish of the stroke where he will Hold and Rest keeping his body in complete Balance.



The following six images were taken from the video of David swing his Right Forearm parallel to the ground both back and through.


David  David  David


David at Release Point  David at Impact   David at Follow-Through


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