The Pivot Train

The Pivot Train The following shows the correct downstroke sequence.

The commencement of the downstroke is initiated by the feet, and all the other components as illustrated in the pivot train below must follow in their correct sequence.

This is “Sustaining The Lag” (Body Lag) which is the Secret of Golf. 

1. The hips are dragging or pulling the shoulders

2. The shoulders are lagging or following the hips.

. This is a Drag and Lag effect and must exist in the downstroke.

Every Component of the Pivot Train must move in its correct sequence as shown.

This sequence is dictated essentially by Centrifugal Force.

Each of the preceding components puts a Drag and Lag on its previous Component. The clubs swing radius ends at the “Non Lagging” component nearest the clubhead.

Many golfers on reaching release point start slowing down their hip turn and therefore all the following components of the pivot train will then be thrown into a premature release; in turn club head throwaway will result.

As soon as the hips slow down during the downstroke pivot, the shoulders, arms, hands and club head will catch up to the hips and pass therefore resulting in throwaway.

Clubhead throwaway is where the clubhead will pass the hands prior to impact. If this happens it will result in the clubhead moving through the ball on an upward path instead having a three dimensional impact that is Down, Out And Through.

The Correct Downstroke Sequence


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