The Four Laws

The LawsHow do we know that we are playing this game correctly. It is just like you are playing a game of monopoly or any other game for that matter, you must play by the rules.

Well, what are the rules that everything depends on in G. O. L. F.?

Law # 1 - Law Of The Lever


When the Left Arm and the Clubshaft are in a straight line, this forms a Primary Lever Assembly and it is propelled by the arms.

As soon as we cock the Left Wrist we now have a Secondary Lever Assembly, being the golf club, which is still part of the Primary Lever Assembly. This assembly is propelled by the hands.

Law # 2 - Law Of The Triangle


As soon as we place the Right Hand on the club we are now under the Law of the Triangle.

The Left Arm being side one, the Shoulders side two and a line from the Right Shoulder to the the Hands forming the third side, whether the right arm is straight or bent.

On the backswing the right arm shortens and stays in this position until it is fully extended at the follow through position just after impact.

This Follow-Through Position is the first time that Both Arms are straight and should exist in every stroke.

From follow through position to the finish of the stroke the left arm shortens. Although the right arm bends during the stroke it is always trying to straighten (push out) in an attempt to keep the left arm straight. This keeps the clubface and club head uniform throughout the motion of the swing.

Law # 3 - Law Of Parallels


This is the Law of the Plane (the boss of the swing). The Plane is the angle of the clubshaft at Address Position and would extend up through your belt buckle.

This Law states that whenever the clubshaft is parallel to the ground it must be parallel to the Base Line of the Inclined Plane (plane line), otherwise the grip end points to the Plane Line when it is above it and the clubhead points to the Plane Line when it is below the parallel position.

Law # 4 - Law Of Force and Motion


How a motion towards a centre creates a motion away from the centre (Centrifugal Force). Remember that we are dealing with Angular Momentum.

During the downstroke the rotation of the body (Pivot) will throw the orbiting clubhead out into the back inside quadrant of the ball.

From the shortest pitch to the longest drive, trying hard, using sheer determination only, will not get the ball down the fairway. Just learn to hold onto the club with your hands and let the body pivot do the work.

Remember that eighty percent of the golf swing is the body pivot. Our golf swing and therefore our ball flight will depend on and effective body Pivot.

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