Undeniable Fundamentals

Impact (8-2/10)We can boil the actions of the golf stroke down to its' Three Imperatives and Three Essentials.

Effective golf carries only two central requirements;Accuracy and Power.

The Golfing Machine isolates the one basic Imperative of the golf stroke as this: we must achieve the correct impact alignments.

We best achieve the correct impact alignments through maintaining a Flat Left Wrist (which controls Clubface Alignment) on a Straight Plane Line (normally also the Stance and Target Line).

Another fundamental is Lag (the Clubhead trailing the hands). Lag is applied through the Lag Pressure Point #3 (the point on the club where we exert pressure or force) and is the "Secret of Golf" supplying both Power and Accuracy.

These undeniable keys for success are called "The Three Imperatives".

1. Flat Left Wrist

2. Clubhead Lag Pressure Point

3. Straight Plane Line

Another set of fundamentals, called "The Three Essentials"

1. Steady Head

2. Rhythm

3. Balance

 Balance is found through the Pivot (Zone #1). Rhythm is found through the hand or "Hinge Action". And the Steady Head is that part of the swing that is so well known and mentioned all the time.

The Golfing Machine System (Remember that it is a System and not a Method) satisfies all the requirements of effective golf in these simple ideas.    

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