Ten Golden RulesTen Golden Rules

The following is a list of the Ten Golden Rules that with help you play your best golf.

Take a practices swing, waggle the club a few times, get the feel for the shot you are about to play, relax - slow yourself down.

Be aware of your Pressure Points especially Pressure Point #3. What is Pressure Point #3? This is one of the three Imperatives of a Golf Stroke.

The following are the Ten Golden Rules to playing better golf.

Rule #1

The grip must be correct. Never take it for granted. Check your grip pressure which must be light for swingers.

Rule #2

Aim the clubface at the target. Set your right elbow in its proper positon at address.

Rule #3

The clubface needs to be square to the target line at both address position and at the point of separation (when the ball actually leaves the clubface).

Rule #4

Use the railway track to align your body. You are standing on the inside track and the ball and target line is on the outside track. Your stance should be parallel to your target line.

Rule #5

Ball position is critical. Low Point or when the ball seperates from the clubface is under your left shoulder.

Position the ball 25 cm to the right of Low Point to ensure a down, out and through swing.

Rules #6

Take a Practice Swing, Waggle the club a few times, get the feel of the shot that you are about to play. Relax, slow yourself down.

Rule #7

Check your Impact Position. Take a mental picture of yourself swing through this position.

Rule #8

Your right shoulder should turn enough to place the club on plane. Make your right forearm trace the Plane Line back, up and in.

Rule #9

The Magic Move that makes it all happen. Load your left foot by moving your left knee and left hip laterally towards the target.

This is a sliding action and your right shoulder will come down plane and you will be able to extend your right arm to a full follow through position

Rule #10

At the Follow-Through Position (8-11), just after impact, both arms must be straight and your Left Wrist must be Flat and fully Uncocked.

Hold your Finish Position (8-12) until the ball hits the ground, maintain good Balance and in a completely relaxed position.

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