Practice and Playing

Practice , Technique OrientatedThere are two types of golfers. One spends most of his time "Practicing" without ever getting around to playing and the other gets straight into "Playing" without ever practicing other than just hitting the ball.

The practice range/fairway is the laboratory, this is where we focus our primary attention on the technique being practiced.

Whatever we are trying to do whether it is keeping the left arm straight, transferring our weight to the left side at the start of the downswing, or whatever it may be, then this is the primary purpose of our practice session and this must have top priority so impact is sacrificed and where the ball goes is immaterial.

When you are practicing slow your swing down. Most golfers are trying to implement changes in their swing at their accustomed speed (flat out, full power) this must be all reversed.

Learn to implement these changes at half or a quarter speed and do not be concerned at what happens to the ball.

Even if you miss the ball, top the ball, miss-hit in anyway, it doesn't matter as swinging at a very slow speed will give you more time to feel what you are trying to achieve. There is no other way. This is "Practice".

The swing makes the shot not the shot makes the swing. So learn to practice a technique into feel and then take this to the golf course.


Do not play technique play golf. This can be difficult to do but at some point you have to differentiate between between "Practice" and "Playing".

When you are out on the course do not try to work on the machanics, the technique of the swing. Go through your routine procedure, keep good rhythm and aim for a complete follow through to the finish of the stroke.

 Playing Orientated

 As I mentioned earlier; learn to practice a technique into feel and then take this to the golf course.

Yes that's right, when swinging on the course be aware of the feeling of the change you made on the range not the mechanics of the swing.

If you miss-hit the shot forget about it as this is now past history. Do not try to think about what you thought you may have done and then try to correct it by doing this and that with your swing as this will only lead to more frustration.

Step up to the next shot with the procedure that was mentioned above.

Where the ball goes is important information so become "TARGET CONSCIOUS".  

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