Balance and Rhythm

Sandy Lyle maintaining a well Balanced Finish PositionGood Balance and Tempo will help you "Swing easy and Hit hard".

All great players have the ability to swing every club easy at a consistent tempo and with great Balance.

The key too consistency is to maintain your balance and use a smooth rhythm as these two areas are linked.

If you rush your swing you will loose your balance and the end result is inconsistent contact and poor ball flight.

Outstanding ball strikers are rarely off balance at impact and come to a complete well balanced finished.

Good Rhythm allows you to properly sequence your Body Motion and arrive at impact in a position of leverage and power.

One way to practice balance is to hit shots with your feet together.

Start with half shots first and build your way to a full Total Swing.

This drill will get the arms and body moving together at a proper speed.

 Matthew hold a well Balanced Finish Position (8-12)

Hold the Finish Position (8-12)

You should be in Balance and feeling relaxed at the completion of the swing.

It was only the body momentum that carried the Arms, Hands and Club through Impact to the Finish of the stroke.

Then rest. You should be fully relaxed as the energy went into the ball.

Remember the three keys, Balance, Balance and Balance



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