Swinging the Hands

Tiger WoodsThere are basically two schools of thought about swinging the golf club. One says swing the clubhead and the other says swing the hands.

It was the late Ernest Jones who came up with the idea of swinging the clubhead and then some else took it further and said think of only the clubface and know where the clubface is throughout the swing.

Now this all sounds very simple but if the hands are not educated they will not bring the clubhead to the ball correctly.

The secret of golf is clubhead lag, the hands must be forward of the ball at impact and this is one of the three imperatives in the golf swing.

Your clubface maybe square to the target line at address and your grip correct in relation to the clubface yet I can swing the clubhead back to the top of the backswing and still allow the clubhead to pass the hands prior to Impact by bending the left wrist.

So if the hands are educated correctly the clubhead will always follow the hands. Swing the club with the hands as they are so much easier to monitor than the clubhead. There travel is so much more even and slower so put your mind on your hands and stop monitoring the clubhead.

All motion should be focused on driving the hands towards the ball or an aiming point not the club.

It is the hands that can manipulate the clubhead if and when necessary by closing, opening and squaring the clubface.

Learn to strike the ball with hand manipulation rather than clubhead manipulation and your game will less likely fall apart.

There is no-doubt that swinging the clubhead has produced some fine golfers but for many other swinging the hands is much easier.

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