Putting - Reading The Green

Reading the greenOnce you have the technique and distance control that a consistent pace brings the next thing to over come is how to read the green.

This means that you have to analyze two factors - the amount of break (curve) on the green and the speed of the green.

The speed of the putt can vary depending on the course you play, season to season, types of grass, length of grass and weather conditions can also play a factor.

The amount of slope on the green between your ball and the hole will affect the line of the putt.

Will this be a straight putt or will it break (curve) from left to right or will it break from right to left and if so how much do I have to allow.

The steeper the slope the further you will have to aim left or right of the hole to compensate for this.

View the putt from various angles to see if it uphill, downhill, left to right or right to left. Even stand away from the ball a little further to give yourself a good angle and perspective.

The firmer you strike the ball the less the ball will break (curve) even on the steepest slopes. On longer putt assessing the speed is more important than gauging the line as distance from the hole gets bigger.

The art therefore of putting is combining these two factors - how much break to allow and the speed of the putt and this is only learnt through experience and lots of trial and error.

You to can start to read the green and become a better putter saving yourself stroke on your score.

Notice the undulation of this green and no matter where the ball is on the green there is so much to take into consideration such as break and speed.

Reading the Greens










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