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Q1 -  What is the best and most informative golf book on the market today?

A1 - The Golfing Machine by author Homer Kelley. It deals with the Geometry and Physics of the Golf Stroke. It is very detailed but if you approach the book in page X1V as recommended by Homer Kelley it is much easier to approach. Homer Kelley unraveled the mysteries of the golf swing and done this in a way that no other sole past or present or future has done or will ever do. He has given us the tools to work with.

Q 2 - What would be your second choice of books to read?

A 2 - The Impact Zone by Bobby Clampett. Co-authored by long-time popular golf writer Andy Brumer, Bobby’s passion for the game and helping others is revealed in what many consider will be the most talked about golf instruction book. Bobby’s background as a foremost proponent of the popular golf teaching system, The Golfing Machine, combined with his unique talent as a long-time PGA Tour player and television analyst and commentator provides the experience needed for the answers that have been missing in golf teaching today

Q 3 - John, what is the best Golf Instruction DVD you have seen and can recommend?

A 3 - The best Golf Instructional DVD I have seen is called "Infallible Golf" by Mr. Alex Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED). It is easy to understand and very thorough. It covers the golf stroke in a very simplified but yet effective way. This is one DVD that is a must to see. Please refer to the LINKS menu on this website for further details. I have had excellent reports from both the Professional ranks and yet the club player to beginner. I personally give this DVD my full recommendation.

Q 4 - Do you have golf clubs to rent or use?

A 4 - As we operate from a golf driving range there are clubs to rent for men, ladies juniors in both right and left handed. Clubs will be supplied if required when having golf lessons.

Q 5 - Do you sell golf equipment?

A 5 - Yes, we specialize in club fitting. There is no-doubt that having incorrect fitted clubs is detrimental to your golf game. We can arrange a time to go through a proper club fitting exercise to see what suits you. There is no extra cost whether you have them fitted or not so take advantage of this and do not purchase straight of the shelf.

Q 6 - What is Lie Angle of a golf club?

A 6 - The Lie Angle of a golf club is defined as the angle of the centreline of the shaft with the ground when the club is soled directly over the face centreline. The Lie Angle of the club can affect both the Direction and Trajectory of the golf ball in flight. In fitting golf clubs, the primary influence of Lie Angle is related to Direction. Golf clubs with improperly set Lie Angles will be the root of many golf swing problems. The golfer learns to adjust or make swing compensations to overcome deficiences built into the set of clubs. Eight out ten golfers require a different Lie Angle.

Q 7 - Do you provide lessons for juniors.?

A 7 - Yes, from the age of 6 upwards. We offer a junior golf program that includes basic full swing, short game, skill test, etiquette, basic rules, and various games. It is aimed at both learning the game of golf and at the same time having fun. Clubs can be supplied if required.

Q 8 - How many lessons do I need to get started?

A 8 - We strongly recommend our structured golf program as this will lead you in the right direction from the outset. There are various facets of golf such as full swing, short game, etiquette and basic rules. Once you have an understanding of what is required we can take this to the golf course. After your first game of golf you will have an understanding of what is required from you on the golf course.

Q 9 - Do you offer golf instruction for adults who are total beginners?

A 9 - Yes, we do teach beginners and we can recommend a one to one lesson package or a group clinic if desired. Clubs can be supplied if required.

Q 10 - How are lessons taught?

A 10 - Golf lessons can be private or in a group. There are special half day and full day programs which cater for full swing and short game.

Q 11 - Are one-day golf schools very benifical?

A 11 - Yes, this is the best way of learning. We conduct extensive one and two day Golfing Machine Schools which are esxtremely successful and always booked out. We cover the 3 Imperatives and 3 Essentials of the golf stroke and you will certainly come away from these days with the Truth about how to swing a golf club. It is so important to understand the proper concept of the golf stroke by applying certain Principles. These are extremely valuable learning days so please keep an eye open on this website for future dates.

Q 12 - How can I begin using The Golfing Machine to benifit my short game?

A 12 - Homer Kelley writes in Chapter 12-5-0 (Basic Motion) of The Golfing Machine Book to learn a two foot stroke back and through. The stroke is made without using your Pivot (Feet, Knees, Hips and Shoulders). When you can learn to make this stroke by only using your Power Package (Armss, Hands and Club 6-0) not only will your short game improve but at the same time your long game.

Q 13 - How many students and teachers in each group clinic?

A 13 - Group clinics have no more than 6 to 1 ratio of student to teacher. We keep this to a maximum so that each person can achieve the most benefit from these sessions. There must be time for hands on (individual attention) for each person attending.

Q 14 - Do you use video in lessons?

A 14 - Yes, with the enhancement of our video/computer system we can analyze your swing using on screen coloured graphics and a side by side swing comparison to point specific areas to work on. The fastest way to learn something is a visual example as this accelerates the learning process. In fact you can build a whole library of swings as you progress through the various stages of swing development.

Q 15 - Why is the Flat Left Wrist the #1 Alignment?

A 15 - The Flat Left Wrist is not only the #1 Alignment but it is the first Imperative (2-0 Page 12). When the Flat Left Wrist is allowed to bend during the Impact Interval, control of the clubface becomes difficult, if not impossible. This is because as the Left Wrist Bends, we have moved the centre of the swing from the Left Shoulder to the Left Wrist. The Left Wrist is now moving in a circle around the Lower Left Arm so now we have two circles. One circle is from the Left Shoulder to the Left Wrist and the other is from the Left Wrist to the Clubhead. If the Left Arm and Clubshaft are in a straight Alignment this will therefore allow the Left Arm and Clubshaft to move around the Left Shoulder and this will allow better control of the Clubhead and Clubface.

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