Right Forearm Takeaway (RFT)

Right Forearm on Plane The "Mystery of the Mechanics of Golf fades away when the Right Arm participation is Understood - Homer Kelley

"The Right Forearm and #3 Pressure Point...you're going to want to insure them for a million bucks."

It is absolutely amazing how important the Right Forearm is with regard to The Golfing Machine and how it is so neglected in "traditional" conventional instruction. After teaching golf for 30 years I have undoubtedly become to understand the roll of the Right Forearm throughout the golf stroke.

I couldn't agree more with the following statement by Homer Kelley of The Golfing Machine - "The Right Forearm is of Tremendous Importance".

This now becomes a Hands Controlled pivot. Remember the Hands are not educated until they control the Pivot.

Using the Right Forearm Takeaway (Right Forearm Pickup) does not neglect, abolish or replace the pivot (9-0, Page 121). The pivot is still playing its roll throughout the entire stroke. Using a Hands Controlled Pivot will give so much more precision and precise Alignments than a Pivot Controlled Hands.

7-3,is one of the best sections in the book. From 7-3 you get many elements that the Right Forearm contributes to the Stroke.

The Right Forearm is on plane (Same angle of the clubshaft) both at the Address Position and Impact Position, that is pointing to the baseline of the plane. The Right Forearm will point slightly forward of the ball when taking a standard classic address position.

Address Position (8-1/3)











Address position - The Right Forearm is on the clubshaft plane and pointing to the Plane Line

Impact Position (8-2/10)











 Impact Position - The Right Forearm is on the clubshaft plane and pointing to the Plane Line

Impact Fix (8-2)

Check the On-Plane Right Forearm at Impact Fix shows you:

1. Angle of Approach

2. The Inside-Out Impact (the Forearm points at the inside aft quadrant of the ball)

3. At Fix, since the Right Forearm is in the same plane as the Clubshaft, you get an idea of the angle of the Inclined Plane.

4. Through Pressure Point #1, the Right Forearm stretches the "wobble" out of the left shoulder and give structure to the Power Package.

5. The Right Forearm traces the Plane Line through Pressure Point #3.

6. The Right Forearm "Pick Up" gives you the simultaneous Back, Up and In Start Up.

7. The positioning of the Right Forearm via the placement of the elbow gives you the Basic Pitch, Punch and Push Strokes.

8. In Hitting, somewhere in the book not exactly sure what section, the Right Forearm is "Muscle Power" needed in executing Hitting Procedures.

Start - Up (8-4)

Refer to 12-3-0 (Page 225 The Golfing Machine Book 7th Edition).

Start-Up - Backstroke

1. Extensor Action

 A steady ewffort to staraighten the Bent Right Arm. This produces a structural rigidity that is a strong deterent to collapse under the stresses of Acceleration and Impatic. It is in operation from Impact Fix (8-2) to the end of the Follow-Through (8-11). This "Stretches the Left Arm but does not move it.

Extensor Action promotes;

(A) Good extension of the Left Arm at all times

(B) Good extension of the Right Arm for the Follow-Through (8-11)

(C) The correct rate of Clubhead Closing

(D) The proper type of support for "passive" non-accelerating Clubhead Lag Pressure involving Wristcock

Refer to Extensor Action in Section 6-B-1-D Page 71 in The Golfing Machine Book 7th Edition

2. Start-Up Line

The Clubshaft and Right Forearm pointing to the plane line. The Right Forearm (via Pressure Point #3) traces (Traces means to point to) the Plane Line as the club starts up. The Right Forearm is like a torch loaded with batteries and the light is going to shine out through the right index finger (Pressure Point #3) and is going to trace (shine on) the plane Line as the club Starts-Up

3. Start-Up Left and Right wrist condition

At address the Left Wrist is Bent and the Right Wrist is Flat and as the Right Forearm starts the club back the Left Wrist will become Flat and the Right Wrist becomes Bent because of the Extensor Action of Pressssure Point #3 (Right Thumb and Right Forefinger "Stretching the Left Arm and Club into a straight line.

Right Wrist Bends Only











Right Wrist Bends (Hinges) it must never Cock or Uncock

Refer to the section on Flying Wedges for further information regarding this point.

4. Right Forearm Takeaway

As the Right Forearm starts the club back and through this the Right Shoulder turns causing the upper body to turn causing the Hips to turn causing the left knee to follow and causing the rolling onto the inside of the left foot.

The Magic of the Right Arm

"The Bending and Straightening of the Right Arm will RAISE and LOWER the Left Arm and/or COCK and UNCOCK the Left Wrist without Bending, Flattening or Cocking the Right Wrist. Practice this first at Impact Fix (8-2). So, Right Elbow Action either powers and/or controls all three elements of the Three Dimentions impact. All this will become known as "THE MAGIC OF THE RIGHT ARM". - Homer Kelley



The Right Arm folding (cocking) will Cock the Left Wrist without Cocking the Right Wrist

The Right Forearm Turns (Fanning Motion). Do not turn the Forearm independently, it will happen as the Right Arm folds automatically.

For a simple drill to explain this procedure - Clap your hands together, as you move them apart take note of what your Right Forearm is doing.


Refer to Section 7-3 Page 96-97 of The Golfing Machine Book 7th Edition by Homer Kelley  


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