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TheGolfing Machine Book. Author - Homer Kelley 1907 to 1983There is an approach to reading the book on Page X1V of The Golfing Machine Book. Homer Kelley author of The Golfing Machine strongly recommended starting here as he book can be quite complex.

If one jumps straight into the deep end of the book it might be to overpowering so Homer Rrcommended starting here as it is a gentle introduction. As you follow the guidelines laid down by Homer Kelley you have whave a clewarer unstanding of how this book has been written.

The following is a suggestion for reading The Golfing Machine Book only.

All page and reference numbers correspond to the newly released 7th Edition.

The above suggestions are based upon the make-up of a conventional golf illustrated book. The usual start is with the Grip, Stance, Backswing, Downswing, Putting, etc. Very little pure theory is presented.

It is easy to get lost in theory, if you start there first. Theory is primarily set forth in Chapter 2 "The Statement of Principle", Introduction to Mechanics (Page 12).

These views are only personal views after having some experience in learning how to read the book and being able to benefit from the excellent material contained therein.

This is a book that needs to be studied and not just read casually. As stated by Homer Kelley " It is Duffer's Bible, A Golf Nut's Catalog, a Curcuit Players handbook or the Instructor's Textbook.

The more one reads it, the more one gets out of it.

Step #1

Read Chapter 9 (Page 121) in conjunction with Chapter 7 (Page 93) and Chapter 10 (Page 134) for options or alternatives in the following sequence.

Chapter 9-0 The Three Zones/The Three Lane Freeway - Read this section - Page 121

Chapter 9-1 The Body Lane - Chapter 7 Sections 12-17 - 6/24 Components - Page 105 to 110

Chapter 9-2 The Arms Lane - Chapter 7 Sections 1-4, 8-11, 18-22 - 13/24 Components - Page 94

Chapter 9-3 The Hands Lane - Chapter 7 Sections 5-7, 23-24 - 5/24 Components - Pages 98 to 99

Chapter 10 Sections (Page 134) parallel the Chapter 7 Sections (Page 93). Chapter 11 (Page 211) is a summary of Chapter 10.

Step #2

Read Chapter 4 (Page 56) - Wrist Motions - Individual

Read Chapter 5 (Page 56) - Wrist Positions - Combinations.

Step #3

Read Chapter 6 - "The Power Package" (Page 66 - 92).

Note particulary Section 6-A-1, "The Triangle Assembly" (Page 66) and subsequent Sections. Read in connection with 2-K (Page 33), "The Flail".

Step #4

Read 5-F-5 - "The Address Routine" (Page 52)

Read 3-F-6 - "Execution" (Page 53)

Read 3-F-7 ""Snares" (Page 54)

Step #5

Read Chapter 8 - "The Twelve Sections of the Swing (Page 116)

Step #6

Read Page 12 - "The Three Imperatives" and "The Three Essentials"

Step #7

Read 1-L "The Machine" (Page 10-11)

Step #8

Read Chapter 2 "The Statement of Principle", Introduction to Mechanics (Page 12)

Step #9

Read Chapter 3 - "Component Translation" (Page 46)

Step #10

Read Chapter 1 - "Introduction", Introduction to the Game - Fundamentals (Page 1)

Step #11

Read Chapter 12 - "Stroke Pattern" (Page 221)

Step #12

Read Chapter 13 - "Non-Interchangeable Components", (Page 23)

Step #13

Read Chapter 14 - "The Computer" (Page 232)

Step #14

Note the Glossary (Page 235) after Chapter 14

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