David McCombe - Testimonial

In golf when you want to add precision to your passion, see John Furze (PGA, GSED) and enrole in one of his programs now!

John has an amazing depth of knowledge based on The Golfing Machine System of G.O.L.F. created by the late Homer Kelley.

His ability to explain, rapidly increase understandings and accelerate skill development with never ending enthusiasm is inspiring.

You'll wish you had access to John's programs and experience to help you with your golf years ago.

Learning becomes more effective and enjoyable when the subject matter is presented within a well thought out framework, with a planned structure, preferably created by a world class visionary expert and is contained within a system. Not asking for much.

When it comes to golf, The Golfing Machine book and Star System of G.O.L.F. created by the late Homer Kelley provides this!

When learning or even more challenging relearning golf (or G.O.L.F. as he called the system), the process becomes altogether more structured, understandable, effective and enjoyable.

For decades Homer Kelley studied and modelled the best and many other golf swings. He systematically recorded golf strokes defining components, variables, sections and checks. Applying scientific principles to the golf swing he ensured this information was contained within The Star System of G.O.L.F. and The Golfing Machine book.

Authorised Instructors use his book The Golfing Machine as a handbook or golf swing encyclopaedia and educate students through a brilliantly well thought out approach.

His system facilitates learning to a much deeper level of understanding and allows all golf swing questions to be answered with fact based explanations, referenced within The Golfing Machine book.

Complex scientific theory can be checked against alignments relative to easily understandable and verifiable references by the golfer themself.  Not vague positions somewhere out of sight.

This enriched learning process means a qualified instructor has the ability to pass on knowledge based on a study of what works. 

David McCombe - Golf Club Member

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