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School groupThis program is available as an introduction to playing the game of golf for year 8 to year 11 students.

A structured golf program can be organized over a period of a single term with a game at a pitch and putt golf course on the last week of term.

This program will combine basic full swing fundamentals, short game which covers chipping, pitching, bunkers, putting and basic course etiquette and rules

They will also be taken through the basic requirements of playing on an actual golf course.

With the use of the state of art video/computer analysis system they will have their swing analyzed using coloured on screen graphics along with a side by side swing comparison of a leading Tour Professional.

Many schools book a time to bring there year 10 and 11 students along so I can discuss the biomechanics of the golf swing along with other areas such as the physics and geometry of the golf swing.

We can also discuss how technology has changed over the year with areas such as golf clubs, golf balls, swing technique and much more. 

Questions often asked areJohn in action teaching the school children

•What causes the ball to lift?

•What causes the ball to curve to the right or left?

•What is the difference between a 3 iron and a 9 iron?

•How the path of the swing effect ball flight direction and what is the path of the swing?

•How do you apply backspin to the ball?

•Where does the power come from? John giving personalized instruction

•And many more questions


•This is opened to all secondary schools

•Class sizes, this may vary and depends on the number of students.

•All activities will take place at a golf range and pitch and putt course in the final week of term

•Video/computer swing analysis and side by side swing comparison

•All instruction will be provided by a fully qualified golf professional

•The secondary school will provide an adult supervisor to be present at each of the sessions

•Any over and above costs will be met by the school and /or student (ie transport costs). These will not include any costs which would be included in the subsidy equation

•All equipment will be provided.

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