Fully Structured Golf Program

Understanding the Principle of the Golf StrokeAfter the completion of this program you will have a much more understanding of the truth about how to make an effective golf swing.

As there is no one way of learning the golf swing, this fully structured program that has been proven and is recommended to golfers of all levels is designed to take your own natural abilities and by applying certain principles develop the three’s of golf – distance, direction and consistency

Your golf stroke will be taken through three (3) Stages starting with the short game - Chipping (Basic Motion) and then move to Pitching (Acquired Motion) and then to the Full Swing (Total Motion).

We are starting to build your swing from the ground up. Over 30 years of teaching we know that if you can’t control the clubshaft, clubhead and clubface in short Chipping motion of 2 foot in both directions (Basic Motion) you won’t be able to control it in a full swing.

Feedback from individual golfers who have completed this specialized golf program indicate that they have been astonished in not only the knowledge that they have acquired but how their overall performance both on and off the course has improved immensely.

Program includes the following

•  Six one hour individual lessons

•  Unlimited usage of range balls during lesson time

•  Video/Computer Swing Analysis

•  Video / Computer swing comparisons

•  One CD detailing the entire swing program

•  Over 150 pictures and live video footage on the "Precision G.O.L.F. Program"

•  Your swings will be continually saved on a CD for your person revision

•  Do your clubs suit you? We will explain certain aspects of clubs themselves that will or could have influence on ball flight.

•  Practice Plan



Hi John,

"Thanks for the great lesson today.

I came into this program with very high expectations based on what I had read aand heard.

You have by far exceeded these with your passion and dedication to my improvement.

These efforts are so very much appreciated John".

Mark Wagner  (10 November 2012)


I look forward to seeing you on the lesson tee and improving YOUR golf.

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