Senior Golfers

Senior Golfers enjoying and learning the golf strokeLet me show you how to play better golf with age and at the same time achieve the richest reward and enjoyment from this lifetime game.

Come along and why not even bring a friend to our morning Senior Session. Not only do we learn about the golf swing but as well it is a very entertaining session

Golf is a great way too keep fit and maintain your flexibility and remember as long as you can bend over and lift the ball out of the hole, then you can play this great game.

Many of the senior golfers who come along week after week find this the highlight of their week. 

You will meet others and eventually organize your own group to head to the golf course for a game.

People have been coming for years with our longeswt serving attendee 15 years who has followed this event from range to range.

We cover the three main principles for all senior golfers

•How to increase your distance

•Slow your tempo and increase the length of your swing

•Maintaining your flexibility

Other areas that are focused upon are

•Reviewing the basics of the golf swing

•Sharpening up the short game – This is your “Secret Weapon”

•Understanding certain swing variations to accommodate your own individual swing

•Club fitting - Are your clubs suitable for you and how they can have a direct influence on your game both distance and direction

This session includes the following

•One bucket of balls

•Golf clinic conducted by myself

•Theory and on range practice

•Swing drills

Days, Times, Cost

•Monday 11.00am - 12.00 - $15

•Tuesday 9.00am - 10.00am - $15

•Wednesday 9.00am - 10.00am - $15

The first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each we focus on the short game technique.

What a great image of three of Golfs Great Seniors.L/R

Nelson, Sarazen and Snead











Byron Nelson, Gene Sarazen and Slamming Sammy Snead 

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