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Welcome To Our One-Day
Golfing Machine Workshop

Searching to find your golf game - You have come to the right place


The decision you have made to attend The Golfing Machine School in search of improving your golf skills is commendable.

One Day Golf Workshop

No matter at what level your golf is your golf skills and knowledge will be rewarded.

My request of you is to be open minded about all you hear but ask questions about what you do not understand.

You are going to hear a lot of things that you have never been exposed to before.

There is no one method in teaching and learning the golf swing simply because us humans have too many variables relating to size, shape, flexibility and desire for one method to work effectively.

All focus will be aimed at you learning to control the Clubhead, Clubface, and the Clubshaft from address to the top and all of the way to the finish.

This will be done by starting with the Basic Motion Stroke, two feet back and two feet through - Chipping - then progressing to Pitching – then moving to the Full Swing.

If a player cannot maintain alignments in a two foot stroke with a chip, they most certainly will NOT have them in a 22 foot stroke with a driver.

If you can not do it in a short stroke then you will not be able to do it in a long stroke. If you can not do it in a slow motion stroke then how do you expect to do it at full ppower.

You will learn the Mechanics of the golf stroke and then you will become your very own Mechanic. If something ghoes wrong then you have to know Why and then How to correct it.

These Golfing Machine Workshops are regularily booked out as numbers are limited - so book early to save your place in the field in this event

Ben Hogan said
"Most golfer's problems stem from a lack of knowledge
not a lack of ability".

 Accelerate Your Learning Process Now

Your swing will be analyzed on the "Video/ Computer System", using onscreen coloured graphics and swing comparisons.

You will be supplied with a special "The Golf Swing" CD with all relative information plus a take home dvd of your golf swing, plus lots more.

You will come away from the day with a much more understanding of the "Truth" about how to make an efficient and effective golf swing.

Date/s to Remember - Coming Soon- Book Early As Numbers Are Limited


School #1 - Thursday 16 January, 2014

School #2 - Thursday 30th January, 2014

The Day's Schedule

Follow the Link to the One-Day-Workshop Schedule

At the Golfing Machine Workshop. Educating the Hands  at the Golfing Machine Workshop. Educating the Hands

Fees and Payment

The tuition fee for the One-Day Golfing Machine School is $375.00. This is due immediately upon registration and may be made by Credit Card.

NOTE - As this is limited to four attendees only, there will be no refund.

Duntryleague Golf Club, (02) 6362 4072 or Email John Furze (GSED) at  

See You on the Lesson Tee

John Furze (PGA, GSED)

Doctorate Instructor in The Golfing Machine




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