Golf Tuition

Michael Foote (PGA Australia) On the tee teachingIf you are serious about playing your best golf, then there is no substitute for Private Lessons with renown instructor John Furze (PGA, GSED).

There is "no one way" to swing a golf club as we are all different. I will work with your own natural abilities and by applying certain key principles build a very successful golf swing.

The Alignments that the golf club must be in through the Impact Zone to produce quality golf shots is universal.

A precision golf stroke includes "Three Imperatives" and "Three Essentials". As the Impreratives improve and as the Essentials improve, your golf game will improve.

John Furze (G.S.E.D. = Golf Stroke Engineer Doctor)

I am one of 31 Teachers worldwide to hold the designation of "Doctorate in Golf Stroke Engineering".

John TeachingThis designation signifies the highest level of Golfing Machine acumen. To attain this degree, the Authorized Instructor has spent their career teaching and promoting the Golfing Machine System.

A GSED has an advanced ability to demonstrate and apply the Principles of The Golfing Machine, has a legacy of experience to pull from, and is an Authorized Instructor in good standing.

Accelerate your learning process now

Understanding the golf swing has never been easier using the state of art video/computer analysis system.

A picture makes a thousand words and as most people are visually orientated this will accelerates their learning process.

Follow the Link for further information regarding Video/Computer Swing Analysys.

The Instructor's Job is to Explain and Inform, The Student's job is the Absorb and Apply

People are great as they try to impart their knowledge onto you. The only problem is that they may not really know what they are talking about.

Reading golf magazines and watching golf videos are good but then trying to impart certain apsects from them into your swing can be hazardous if you are not aware of what you are doing. It may work one day but not the next.
If you are having problem with your golf game then it is time to organize a golf lesson and find out what is the actual problem. Do not band-aid fix your golf swing. Remember "Cause" and Effect"
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