Infallible G.O.L.F. DVD by Alex Sloan (GSED)

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce to the golfing public Mr. Alex Sloan PGA, GSED. Alex was one of the very first golf professionals to attend classes conducted by Homer Kelley, author of The Golfing Machine.

"I had the great privilege of being in Homer Kelley’s first class for Authorized Instructors January 2, 1981.

I was with him for 9-12 hour days. He was a true genius". He has given us an infallible way to learn and play golfInfallible Golf DVD By Alex Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED). I won my first three PGA tournament after only one lesson from TGM".


Alex Sloan was twice Teacher of the Year

"Infallible Golf"

Alex has in recent times produced a DVD titled "Infallible Golf" and I would strongly recommend this DVD to all golfers no matter what level of play.

The DVD starts with Alex discussing the "Secret of Golf" and all the worlds great golfers know it and do it. It is illusive, indispensable and mandatory, from the shortest chip to the longest drive.

It covers in detail some of the following points plus so much more.

1. What are the three Imperatives and the three Essentials of a golf stroke?The Golfing Machine Cap, Book and Infallible Golf DVD

2. What is the Key Move that Alex is talking about?

3. What are the correct Release Motions?

4. What are Power Accumulators and Hinge Actions?

5. So much more that will take your game to another level.

It is a golf DVD that you want to see over and over again. Each time you look at it you will find key areas that you may have missed the first , second or even the third time.

John Furze (PGA, GSED)

Read the following Testimonial by Leo Hallaron (USPGA, GSEM) 

Leo Hallaron (USPGA, GSEM)Alex;

The video is wonderful.

I applaud you for the presentation and the clarity. It is very easy to understand. I thank you for letting it be known about the Imperatives (6-H-O) of the Golfing Machine Book (6th Edition).

I will be studying it much more and thank you for clarifying Homer Kelley's defintion of Rhythm.

I hope that in the future you find the time to speak at The Golf Machine Teaching Summit. At the end they always ask who you like to speak in the future and each year I have put your name down.

I consider those chosen few who had personal contact with Homer Kelley to be the true cornerstone's for The Golfing Machine.

While watching the video I thought that I don't want the video to ever end. That is how much I enjoyed your work.

Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge.

Thanks again.- Sustain the Lag

Leo E. Halloran G.S.E.M., USPGA


 "I won my first three PGA tournament after only one lesson from TGM". The 1979. Dixie Section PGA Seniors. Champion, then won the Dixie Chapter Seniors Championship and with Bud Burns we won the Seniors Division of the Section Pro-Pro. event. "The DVD has a running time of about 55 minutes but, if you and I were to go to the lesson tee and with your interaction with me taking a lesson on all that is on the DVD, the lesson would last at least 5 hours".

"I am pleased to know that 4 of the golf Professionals who have been to me for lessons are now on the list of the top 100 teachers as recognized by Golf Magazine

Infallible Golf is a DVD not to be missed no matter what level you play.

Special Price till end January 2013Price for the DVD is US$79.00. not including shipping

US$69.95 until End January, 2013

Purchase Now - It is a must for all Golfers

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