Address verus Impact

Address Position versus Impact PositionThe following will show a list of differences between the golfer at Address Position and at the moment of impact.

The one thing you can be certain about and that is Address and Impact are completely different.

Yet when we ask golfers to take their address position and then demonstrate where they would be at impact position nearly everyone just stays at Address as they think this is where they have to come back to at impact. "Wrong" 

 It is very important to understand the differences and you must practice going from the Address Position to Impact even in front of a mirror as to acquire the correct feel as this is where you will be swinging through.

No matter how we swing the golf club, impact is the "Moment of Truth" to achieve distance, direction and consistency.

Without it, golf simply becomes more and more of a frustration to the player.


Address Position versus Impact Position

Impact PositionImpact Position

  John Demonstrating the Difference between Address and Impact 

  Component Address Position versus Impact Position  

Address Position
Impact Position
Clubface Square to target line Open to target line
Clubhead Soled on ground with ball poisoned toe side of centre clubface Leading edge of Clubhead strikes just below equator ball
Clubshaft Perpendicular to the ground Forward lean towards target
Right elbow Bent with right forearm in line with Clubshaft Even more bent with right forearm in a line with right Clubshaft
Left wrist Bent Flat
Right wrist Flat Bent
Hands In a mid-body position 10-15cm more forward
Hips Square to target line and level to ground Open to target line (aim to left) left hip higher than right hip
Knees Both knees flexed Left leg straight right knee bent
Feet Both feet flat on ground Left foot flat, right foot flat and rolled
Shoulder Left shoulder higher than right Left shoulder even more higher than right
Spine Angle Slightly tilted to the right Even more tilt of upper body


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