Norman Von Nida (PGA Australia)

John Furze (PGA, GSED) - Norman Von NidaNorman Von Nida won the Australian Open three times and was runner-up six times.

The British Open was in his sight on several occasions with him leading three times into the final round. He has won about 100 tournaments worldwide and set numerous course records.

He has guided the careers of many Australian players including five-time British Open Champion Peter Thompson, David Graham, Jack Newton, Bruce Crampton and many more players.

Read the following endorsement of what the "Von" has to say about fellow professional John Furze..more info..

 This is to certify that John Furze has been fully accredited by Mr. Norman Von Nida at the Norman Von Nida Golf Academy.and has achieved this high destinction with honour.

John Furze's idefatigable enthusiasm and extensive knowledge and natural skills and abilities combine to make him one of the most highly proficient golf instructors in all areas of the golf swing.

John Furze also has the rare innate quality of being able to successfully share and impart his knowledge and experience to golfers of all standards.

John Furze (PGA, GSED) and Norman Von NidaHis demonstrated capabilties of all types of shots - Draw, Fade, Low, High and the Punch which is essential on windy days - enables John Furze to to accurately describe the physical movements required and the importance of grip pressure to his students.

It is these shots that every golfer aspires to attain and yet all to often remain elusive to the average golfer.

However, through Mr. Furze's committment and insistence in requiring all his pupils to develop their own individual natural swing and his explanations of the importance of grip and weight transference - these shots are becoming a reality for more and more players.

The factor of weight transference - backwards and forwards enables the player to develop the body coiled position in the backswing and then the uncoiling of the body to generate power and make the physic motion to hit the ball.

John's contagious enthusiasm and his effective practical abilities and his natural aptitude for teaching enable him to earn and gain the respect and confidence of his pupils which is an enormous asset to his success as a teacher.

His genuine desire and concern for the improvement and development of his pupils has earned John Furze the well deserved reputation as an exceptional teacher.

It is indeed a privilege for me to endorse John Furze as a Fully Accredited Golf Teaching Professional of the Norman Von Nida Academy.

Norman Von Nida
PGA (Australia) Golf Professional
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