Michael Foote (PGA, Australia)

Michael Foote (PGA) - John Furze (PGA, GSED)John,

Many thanks for all of the time and effort that you have put in over the last five years as my golf coach.

Not only do you have a remarkable knowledge of the golf swing, but you have a unique ability to impart that knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and to apply in practice.

Your positive outlook and enthusiasm for the game are second to none, making each lesson enjoyable. 

I attribute my golfing achievements so far to our fantastic relationship - your commitment and dedication have been invaluable.

Your knowledge and coaching skills have improved my golf swing, but more importantly your personal support has helped my confidence on the course and kept me motivated.

I look forward to continue to working with you in future - and, hopefully, to greater golfing achievements together.

The following are Course Records set by Michael while being coached by John Furze (GSED)

•Pakenham Golf Club – 2000

•Valley View Golf Club – 1999

•Montuna Golf Club – 2002

•Eagle Hawk Golf Club – 2002

•Ranfurlie Golf Club - 2003

•Lakes Entrance - 2003

•Yarra Valley – 2003

Michael Foote Touring Golf Professional
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