Mr. Peter Mullem - Testimonial

To all you golf enthusiasts

Re-Mr John Furze

My adventure to golf was quite astonishing. I started playing golf again last May, 2007, and in one word it was a disgrace, I found myself playing zig zag golf and finding every tree possible.

So I seeked out some lessons locally and that was to No Avail.

I was recommended to a prominent place in Dingly and after about 10 lessons and hours of practicing, the golf wasn't inmproving.

I was reading the Pacific Putter Magazine and came across a gentlrman who had taught me years ago so I went on to thier website, and started to read.

I came across a coach named Mr. JOHN FURZE. I then ventured on to his website and did some research to find this gentleman with such a passion about golf, he has a Doctorate in it.

The decision was made, if he couldn't teach me how to play golf, no-one will and I'll give it up once and for all.

The first lesson was just awesome; to meet such a gentleman whose enthusiasm and passion for golf is more powerful than the lights at the MCG on game day.

The way John teaches you the Golfing Machine principles is just outstanding, he makes it so easy to understand and in such a friendly manner that you think you have been best of mates for years.

My Final word to anyone is; IF MR JOHN FURZE can't teach you to play golf and enjoy it, give it up, but I bet you'll be still playing like me and enjoying every minute!!!!

Kind Regards

Peter Mullen

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