Biography - John Furze (PGA, GSED)

 After years of dedication to the teaching of golf I gained my “Doctorate” in The Golfing Machine which is highly ranked within both the playing and teaching profession of professional golf.

I am one of 21 Teachers worldwide to hold the designation of "Doctorate in Golf Stroke Engineering" two of which live in within Australia. I was selected by the panel of the Australian Golf Magazine in the top 50 List of teachers in Australia.

My golfing story began with my golf apprenticeship at the Riversdale Golf Club, Melbourne in 1973 under Mr. Bruce Green who is currently the Professional at the renowned Royal Melbourne Golf Club and acknowledged as one of Australia’s top teaching professionals.

I then accepted the position of Club Professional at the Ocean Shores Golf Club, NSW.  I was to return to Melbourne three years later and take up a position working under Mr. Brian Twite of The Metropolitan Golf Club.

It was here that my love for teaching golf really took off, as I was fortunate to be under the guidance of one of Australia’s most respected and sought after teachers.

Three years later I was appointed professional at the Devonport Golf Club, Tasmania and after eight years with the club I accepted the position as Head Professional at the Bankstown Golf Club in Sydney.

After 18 years in the golf club scene gaining experience in areas such as teaching, business acumen, retailing and golf club repair I now desired to specialize solely in the one area of golf that I enjoyed so much.

The-Von-and-John I returned to Melbourne and joined a very motivated and highly qualified golf teaching professional team under Peter Croker at the Australian International Golf Schools.

In 1995 I was appointed Director of Golf Instruction by Norman Von Nida at the Norman Von Nida Golf Academy and was fully accredited by the “Von” himself. There is no-doubt that this was a highlight of my teaching career.

In 1997 I accepted the position of Director of Golf Instruction at the Golf Park Improvement Centre, Melbourne,

After many years at Golf Park I have been asked to help establish a new academy at one of Melbourne's premier golf practice facilities - Sandringham Golf Academy.

I am really looking forward to this exciting opportunity in the very heart of Melbourne's famous sand belt.

There is no-doubt in my mind that I have fulfilled my golfing ambition as a teaching professional and I continue to strive to provide new and interesting ways for my pupils to improve their golfing experience.

In this game one never stops learning and I appreciate very much my continued correspondence and close friendship with Mr. Alex Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED). Alex Sloan was in the First Authorized Instructor Class conducted by Homer Kelley of The Golfing Machine.

He has generously and graciously passed on to me a great deal of valuable information which in turn I can pass onto my students so they can find that "Gateway" to better golf.

John Furze (PGA Australia, GSED)

John Furze

See you on the tee

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