The Grip

Overlapping GripThe beginning of a successful golf stroke is a good grip. Never take it for granted.

With over 30 years of teaching experience, it has taught me that one of the most common golfing problems with the beginner to average player is the little finger on their right hand.

The right hand little finger has a tendancy to overlap to far first before the other fingers of the right hand are positioned on the club.

This leads the right hand to be positioned in such a manner that it invariably forces the left wrist to bend through impact.

Remember that the No.1 alignment in golf is the flat left wrist at impact.

Most players grip the club with the right hand positioned to much under the club in an effort (sub-consciously) to get the clubhead under the ball to get the ball airborne. Strong Grip

 This is as very strong grip which places both hands to much to the players right. Notice how the right hand is positioned under the club.

The correct procedure is to position the right hand in a vertical position and leave the little finger of the right hand off until last.

Once the fingers of the right hand have been positioned correctly on the club then overlap the little finger of the right hand.

Then the little finger will not force the right hand out of position.

Notice with the grip above that the first joint of the right index finger is positoned on the right side of the club (Running parallel to the club). Leave the little finger off like a tea drinking position until the rest of the fingers of the right hand have been properly positioned.

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