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Dear John

Any real student of the game of golf in Melbourne town should have heard the name John Furze in the field of coaching.

I'm an old guy who has had great pleasure getting into the Furze mould over the past seven years.

How can he possibly retain his sense of humour I'm darned if I know.

Seven years I hear you say, well in that time that anchor around the neck has reduced from 24 to currently 15 which prompts the question, is this guy any good at his craft?

I don't believe John Furze has any secrets at all, he does however have a profound interest in getting better results for his pupils.

How does this happen?

Well, he realizes every golfer is built differently, maybe has different ailments, advantages and strengths which is not a bad spot to have.

Accepting that fact, he is a huge proponent of drills, drills and more drills.

At a certain point his students get the idea of the technical's of the swing. Now this can take some time but in the end I got it.

I have seen a number of golf coaches teaching and there's a million stories out there.

I haven't seen any within a bull's roar of Mr Furze's dedication to a sound footing in the game of golf. Humorous too and light hearted at all times.

He is currently at the Sandringham Golf Range. Does he hold clinics for beginners and frustrated fans? Well, yes and the keen ones just keep on coming. They're the ones who get there early".

Trevor Day

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