Alex M. Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED)


Dear John,Alex M. Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED)

I am a bit late with this but better later than never. About you and I. I feel we could not be any closer if we were in the same room rather than half a world apart.

We are on the same wave length. We believe the same thing. We teach the same thing.

We each pray that each student will become a world beater but will be pleased if the student is pleased.

We know the same infallible way to strike a golf ball and try to get each of our students to adhere to what we preach.

We both look up high on the pedestal into the eyes of the great man, Homer Kelley.

It is hard for us to comprehend how one man could stay focused for such a long time on one thing and stay with it for over 40 years.

That same man died in the presence of over 100 PGA golf professionals who had come to spend the day and hopefully get a lesson from the great man.

 Most of the times when I recall that day I also recall the speech President Franklin Roosevelt gave when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. I was home alone and had the radio on and was bouncing a ball. I can recall this as if it were only yesterday.

I was 12 at the time in December of 1941. Presient Roosevelt told about the bombing then he said "This will be a day of infamy". Those were the words of President Roosevelt and the same thing was and is true when Homer dropped dead in front of me and so many others.

However, he had completed his mission and unraveled the mysteries of the golf swing. And done this in a way no other sole past or present or future has done or will ever do. He has given us the tools to work with.

I say all this because Homer was the most dedicated man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with. You are second in line to him. I am always impressed when you tell me about your classes and the time of day you will be spending working on this or that or your website. You must never sleep.

My hat is off to you. It is no wonder you are the #1 Teacher in Australia. And I have the honor and pleasure of calling you "Friend".

If we as golf teachers were given gold medals as in the Olympics, you would certainly be first on the podium to get one. That is how I look at it.

John, I hope your people down under are aware of the great man they have in their time and day that is there for them. Keep it up and I know you will.

Alex Sloan (USPGA, LM, GSED) 


The following is a poem that was written by Mrs Barbara Sloan, wife of Mr Alex Sloan (GSED) to Homer Kelley, June 1981

We have a permanent "contract" out on the myth that the gals can't "dig" G.O.L.F.


Ode To Homer by Mrs. Barbara Sloan


I am having such joy

Making shots straight and true

As they leave mother earth

And soar towards the blue Homer William Kelley


They are on Plane Line and going far

Not a bit of slice or hook

Since I acquired some knowledge

From Homer's yellow book


Now when they lay me under

On a practice putting green

This will be upon my headstone

"She was a Golfing Machine"


    By Mrs Barbara Sloan   

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