Dorian Turner - Testimonial

 Dear John

I just want to write and tell you how much I've appreciated your help over this past year.

Your passion for the game and helping me understand it at about 1% of the level that you do, have really meant a lot to me.

I have never met anyone with an ounce of the knowledge of golf that you have and you have really brought back my love for the game and love for improving as a golfer.

You always went above and beyond in every lesson I had and that kind of commitment and real desire to see your students grow will stay with me for life.

I will definitely continue with the principles that you have instilled in me thus far to perfect my own Golfing Machine.

I hope you enjoy the next chapter in your life and wish you great success.

 I will do my best to see you one last time to say farewell in person next week.

 Dorian Turner 

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