Medicus Vision Track PRO

vision Track ProPerfect Your Golf Stance NOW with the Medicus Vision Track PRO! 

The New & Improved Medicus Vision Track PRO eliminates slicing & hooking – improving your overall accuracy. The visual teaching method makes the Vision Track PRO one of the most effective, yet easiest, training aids you'll ever use! 

The swing path is a vital & foundational component of the golf swing that separates great golfers from everyone else.

With the Medicus Vision Track PRO golfers can actually SEE the line the Sweetspot should be covering during the stroke for the first time EVER! Most golfers are confused about how and where the club moves during the golf stroke.

Since you swing on an arc, you want your clubhead Sweetspot to follow the Alternate Target Line. This gives you correct swing plane and a visual of exactly where the clubhead should move through the point of impact of your swing!

With the Vision Track PRO you'll start hitting fairways and greens more consistently!

The Vision Track PRO gives the player a clear picture of what SHOULD be happening and almost immediately improves their Swing Plane by simply following the "Alternate Target Line."

The Medicus Vision Track PRO is highly portable, easy to set up and gives immediate feedback on whether or not your stroke is on, or off, plane.

Using the Vision Track ProMedicus VisionTrack PRO Features & Benefits:

Gives a clear picture of your correct swing plane!

Tracks your clubhead path to improve your swing plane, power and accuracy! 

Made from High Impact Material with a built in tee so that you can hit balls off of it! 

Clarifies swing path & swing plane as it relates to target line. 

Properly aligns your stance in relation to the target. 

Shows you visually the correct path for having a proper swing. 

Provides immediate feedback if your swing is on an improper outside-in path 

Highly portable & easy-to-use 

Home or golf range use 

The Medicus Vision Track PRO is highly portable, easy to set up and gives immediate feedback on whether or not your stroke is on, or off, plane. 

* Alignment guide (feet, shoulders, clubface).
* Ball placement guide.
* Distance from feet to ball guide.
* Clubhead takeaway guide.
* Eye Positioning - revolutionary building a correct swing path.
* Promotes keeping head behind ball at impact.
* Promotes swinging through contact area vs. hitting at ball.
* Clarifies swing path as it relates to target line.
* Practice at home or at the golf course. (Fits in your golf bag).
* Works for adults and children. Also reversible for Left Handed players.


The Vision Track Pro is one teaching aid that i use constantly on the lesson tee. My students are amazed as for the first time they have a clear and precise understanding of how the golf club is started back from the ball and how it actually approaches the ball on the correct swing path.

Any golfer who comes across the line (Outside to Inside) on the start of the downswing will suddenly FEEL the correct path down and through the ball. Not only can you FEEL the correct path but you can VISUALLY trace this back and through the impact.

This is one teaching aid that can be easily carried your golf bag and used on the range or at home. 

I fully recommend this to ALL golfers no matter what standard of golf  you are at present.

John Furze (PGA Australia, GSED)

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