3 Wood Chip Shot 

Well, one of the most useful short game shots is the #3 wood or Hybrid Chip/Putt shot.

What club do you use when the ball is only a couple of steps off the green and there is about 60 feet to the hole? I would have always taken my putter until I saw players using a 3-wood and having a lot of success.

Such a player is Tiger Woods who we have seen taking out his 3 wood and playing a chipping motion from off the edge of the green.

When a ball is lying just off the edge of the green, a player can use a 3 or 5 wood or a Hybrid, Rescue club to perform a bump-and-run style Chip/Putt.

By assuming the player's typical putting stance and grip, a ball can be bumped onto the green with a low trajectory where it will then run out like a Putting stroke.

But first, you need to know when and where you hit the 3 wood chip shot. I found it helpful on the following occasions to hit the 3 wood chip shot:

Your ball is lying in between the green and the fringe and you can not get the putter fully onto the ball.

Recently I caddied for a PGA Tour Professional in the Pre-Qualifying for the Victorian Open Golf Championships.

The 12th Hole is a Par 5 and Michael played a solid drive off the tee to the right side of centre of the fairway. For his second shot he used his 3 Hybrid and as there was water on the right side of the fairway extending right up to the edge of the green Michael position his second shot just to the left side of the green.

The ball was about 10 metres of the green sitting in slight rough with very dry ground. Michael only had to carry the ball a few feet and then the ball would run along the fringe to a slightly elevated green and then continue to roll to the hole. The green was very fast and left to right with a downhill slope.

All in all it was an extremely difficult situation. As the ball was sitting on very dry sandy lie in slight rough it would have been difficult to pitching the ball onto the green as a slight mist-hit could have sent the ball through the green and into the water on the other side of the green,

Michael decided to use his 3 Hybrid which had enough loft to carry the slight rough, run up the front of the green and continue to the hole. With a flat wide bottom on the club it would prevent striking a little behind the ball or hitting it thin which is a little high on the ball.

Michael took his putting grip, putting stance and posture and made a putting stroke. Michael executed this stroke to perfection running the ball next to the hole allow a one putt and a birdie 4 on the hole.

Now you need to practice this Chipping stroke or should I say putt because the face of the club is a little bit hotter than the putter so the ball will tend to run a little bit more.

This is a very effective and a very easy shot to play but the key is to practice this at the golf range or at your club around the chipping green.
You can use a 3 wood or a 5 wood or a hybrid or Rescue club.


Play the 3-wood Chip/Putt stroke like a Putt by doing the following:

1. Take your Putting grip

2. Grip down on the club near the metal or graphite.

3. Take your putting Stance

4. Take your putting posture

5. Make a putting motion back and through.

Play the 3-wood chip shot like a normal chipping stroke”


Gripping the Club

1. Take your normal grip or putting grip

2. Grip down the club to the metal or graphite

3. Position the grip of the club in the cup of your left hand

4. Position the grip end of the club on the inside of your left hand

5. The Left Arm and clubshaft will be in one straight line


Address Position

1. Feet close together

2. Weight on the left foot

3. Position the ball centre of the stance


The Stroke

1. Take the Left Arm and Clubshaft back by your Left Arm in a one piece motion

2. The first movement to commence the downstroke is by turning of your Left Hip.

3. Stop at the Follow-Through position (the clubshaft at a 45 Degree angle to the ground post Impact


Check the Following

1. Hold at the Follow-Through position

2. Both Arms are straight

3. The Left Arm and the Clubshaft must be in one straight line

4. The grip end of the club must still be positioned on the inside of the left forearm

5. The Right Arm and Clubshaft must be out of line (Not in a straight line)

Don’t worry too much about how much the ball jumps, the main thing you need to practice is to control the speed with the 3-wood.

Address Position  Start-Up  Follow-Through




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