The Swingers' Finish Swivel

All players must "Swivel" - actually rotate their wrists into the parallel to the plane position from the Follow-Through (First time both arms are straight and the clubshaft 45 degree angle to the ground post impact) and continue to the finish of the stroke.

In Full Shots, after the Follow-Through, the Left Arm folds and the Left Wrist remains Flat and Swivels Palm Up against the face of the Inclined Plane. Similarly, the Right Arm remains straight, the Right Wrist Swivels Palm Down against the Plane.

Make sure the butt-end of the Club points toward the Plane Line as you Finish Swivel. This allows for the sweetspot of the club to rotate around the hosel of the club.

The swivel is a natural bridge from both arms straight to finish. Any other move there will probably introduce some compensation and have negative implications on impact.

You must be prepared to swivel already when you're at the top of backswing and that swivel is the final part of wrist rolling on plane through impact.

The Finish Swivel with its Flat Left Wrist enables the Clubhead to complete its On Plane Overtaking of the Hands while maintaining the Rhythm of the Stroke

You do not execute a correct Finish Swivel by 'releasing the Right Hand.' You execute a correct Finish Swivel by Rolling and Re-Cocking the Flat Left Wrist.

The Finish Swivel is a key element of the Total Motion and is indispensable as a bridge from Follow-Through to the Finish. Sadly, it is completely missing from the Stroke of most players, and they are left only with a bending Left Wrist to enable the Club to 'pass the Hands.' You 'prepare' for the correct Finish Swivel (by making a compatible and correct motion earlier in the Stroke). Similarly, you also 'prepare' for the dreaded Chicken Wing (by making a compatible but incorrect motion).

A Swivel Action is a true rotation of the Hands independent of the Body's natural Turn or Arms' natural rotation. A Horizontal Hinge Action may appear to Turn and Roll but there is no independent rotation.

Finish Swivel  Finish Swivel

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