The Million Dollar Lesson

“The Endless Belt Effect”

The majority of golfers think that to hit it farther they must swing harder.

Image two pulleys, one above the other. Around these two pulleys is a belt, on this belt there are golf clubs attached.

When the club goes around the pulley, does the club speed up.? Absolutely!
But did the belt speed up? No!

Think of the Arms and Hands as the belt, as long as they stay at a constant speed the club will automatically speed up.

By trying to swing harder and changing the speed between the backstroke and downstroke the club will actually slow down. This causes the surface speed to change and the result is a slowing down of the golf club.

Once we start the swing we must do nothing to try to increase the belt speed before impact. We are all very guilty of trying to increase belt speed just before impact to obtain more distance.

We will get an increase in clubhead speed for a brief time but during the impact interval, the clubhead will actually be slowing down. We want to have the same belt speed from stat-Up to Finish. Once I was able to do this, it made a tremendous difference.

The lesson is this; do NOT try to add clubhead speed during the release interval. Keep hand speed constant.

Never try to hit the ball, remember this is a golf swing and a golf swing relies on Centrifugal Force to release the club.

Once I realized all this, I started calling it the Million Dollar Lesson.

Endless Belt Effect

Endless Belt Effect

Endless Belt Effect


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