Secret of Golf

The secret of golf is "Clubhead Lag".

"It is simple, elusive, indispensable, without substitute or compensation and always present"

What is Lag?

Clubhead LagWe've all heard this term. Lag is defined as, "trailing" or “following".

In every good swing at the moment of Impact the clubshaft is leaning forward (toward the target). The hands are in front of the ball, and clubface, turning the 6 iron into a 5 or 4 iron.

The average player arrives at Impact with the hands behind the ball and the clubshaft is either vertical or leaning backward. This adds loft to the clubface and turns that 6 iron into a 7 or 8 iron!

Do you play golf with someone that is always complaining that all of their irons go the same distance?

Do you find that your ball flight is high with a weak flight and to the right? Do you strike the ground prior to the ball or strike the ball towards the top producing a thin shot?

These are signs that the clubhead has passed the hands with the clubshaft leaning backwards and being swung through impact on an upward and inward path.

Clubhead lag promotes an even and steady acceleration assuring dependable control of distance.

The number one prevention is a Flat Left Wrist at impact.

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