Plane is the Boss

The Plane is "The Boss" and is the Heart and Soul of the golf stroke.

But what is the Plane?

It is not Hogan's plane of glass, that's only one plane angle variation. You can use any plane angle you choose and you can shift from any plane angle to another as long as the base of the plane does not change.

Imagine the slanted roof of a house with a gutter at the base of it. The roof is a plane angle and the gutter is the base of the plane. Whatever plane angle you decide to shift to, if any, the important part is that the clubshaft lays full length on this tilted plane.

The Plane is the one thing in a golf stroke that everything else must comply with. The plane does not comply with anything or anybody, it is there and unless you operate according to that plane the heart and soul of the game is gone.

John teaching using the plane board

Off Plane motions create shanking, bent left wrist syndrome, loss of power, compression leakage, and a host of undesirable ungolflike movements.

Whatever plane angle you decide to move the club on must obey the geometric laws that govern not only the golf stroke, but everything else we do in normal everyday life.

First, the club must lie full length on this tilted plane angle, not just the clubhead or the hands, but the full clubshaft.

Secondly the right forearm must be in a supporting role for the clubshaft ñ in line with the shaft.

Third, no matter what plane angle you shift to whichever end of the club is nearest the ground must also point at the base of the plane. If neither end is closer then the clubshaft must be horizontal to the ground and parallel to the base line.

The plane can shift from one plane to another

Make Your Own Plane Board

The follow are the measurements so you can make your own plane board.  The board must be adjusted to suit the clubshaft at the address position for the individual.

If you have 14 clubs in your golf bag then the board must be adjusted 14 times from your putter to your driver.

 Plane Board measurements

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