Golfers need to understand that in order to create backspin, trajectory and distance control the ball MUST be struck with a downward motion. To do this the club shaft MUST be leaning forward at Impact!

This means that the hands have to lead through Impact...not the clubhead!

Never ScoopHitting up on the ball produces hacking and almost all topped shots! Hitting up is caused by the clubhead passing the hands into Impact and is a clubface motion instead of a clubhead motion.

Most players do this because they THINK they must help the ball into the air. In a proper golf stroke the clubhead is moving downward at Impact, NOT upward!

The dimensions of the downstroke are always three dimensional, just as the back stroke works in three dimensions. These are downward, outward and forward.

Hitting down creates backspin which creates lift! Hitting up produces topspin and almost all topped shots!




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