Mark Wagner - Testimonial

To All Golfers

Why is everyone else I am playing with hitting an 8 iron into this green and I am hitting my 6, and still often coming up short?

Why is everyone else’s driver so far down the fairway while mine is always short and in the right hand rough?

Why does my golf coach seem to tell me the same drills over and over again, month after month ….. I do them obsessively and still see the same result?

Does this sound familiar? This was me; well 12 weeks ago it was me.

At 33 now, I had played sport all my life. I can whip a forehand topspin passing shot down the line without a thought, I can curve a soccer ball right to left, left to right, high, low, however you want it …. Seriously, how hard could golf be for a reasonably co-ordinated guy like me? I may not be the most talented guy on earth, but I am a hard worker.

I wonder down to the local driving range and have my first lesson. After an introduction to grip and posture I excitedly ask when I should come back …. To which the pro stiffs the 6 iron we had been using down the middle of the practise fairway. “When they start looking like that”, he says. Pffft, I won’t be coming back to see you I thought.

The next week I find another pro, one who cares. I continue fortnightly lessons for almost 2 years here. Within six months I see quick improvement and work my way down to a handicap of 22, however that’s as good as it gets. How do I hit it longer? “Swing harder” I am told. How do I hit is straighter? “Focus more on your target” I am told.

Frustrated and deflated I listen to a friend who has just finished John’s structured program and the effect it has had on his game. Due to past experiences I have my doubts but tell myself I will give this one last try and if this bloke can’t help me I must be beyond help.

Six lessons down the track and I am well on the way to where I have always wanted to be. Not only have I gained 2 ½ club lengths now straighter than ever before, I understand and can diagnose what has gone wrong during my swing when I do miss.

This knowledge not only improves the confidence in my own swing but allows me the implement a structured practise plan on the range to maintain what we have achieved.

While other pros are constantly looking at their watches and rush you out the door John will not be satisfied until he is sure you grasp the point of what it is he is trying to get across.

John will research and email you related internet links, he will review and promptly give feedback of mobile phone videos you have emailed him between lessons to ensure your practise time is effectively spent and his website acts like a step by step guide with detailed descriptions and clear photos you can follow as you progress.

There are no airy fairy golf digest tips here; the program follows a tried and proven specific path. If you set out on this journey and do not deviate from the path, you will find the destination you aspire to reach.

Mark Wagner – 14th December 2012

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