Release Motions

There is a Release of the Cocked Left Wrist at some given point during the downstrroke as the Clubshaft seeks its In-Line condition with the Left Arm, Full Extension.

The uncocking of the Left Wrist is Lever Extension only. There is the Release of the Turned Left Hand as it Rolls and allows the Clubhead to overtake the Hands.

Regardless of the Plane, (inclined -steep, flat, horizontal plane) the uncocking of the Flat Left Wrist is a Perpendicular Motion. That is all it does, nothing else.

The Accumulator #2 is the Vertical Cocking and Uncocking Motion of the Left Wrist. The shortness of its travel time during Release makes it the true Velocity Accumulator of the Stroke. Left Wrist Motion is Clubhead Control.

The Accumulator #3 is the Rotational Turning and Rolling of the Left Hand. In addition to its Rotational 'Overtaking' Power - the Clubhead overtaking the Hands during the Release Interval - the #3 Accumulator Transfers into Impact the residual power of the Uncocking Left Wrist. All this while maintaining the Rhythm of the Stroke, that is the in-line condition of the Left Arm and Clubshaft.

Left Hand Motion is Clubface Control.

So release is defined as the Uncocking (Accumulator #2) and Rolling (Accumulator #3)

The Left Wrist uncocking provides the 'Down' and the pivot provides the 'Out'. Uncock then Roll. The 'Roll' is imparted by the pivot. The combination of those two forces = 'on plane' sweet spot. Force moving away from 'center' to its in line condition, which is separate from the in line condition of the lever (left arm and club).

Yes, the Throw Out action is the 'cracking whip' moving through the body and down the 'Lever' of the Left Arm to its 'straight' position - that 'force' is 'in line' at both arms straight. Centrifugal Force is 'driving that whip'. The flywheel.

Send the 'Force' to both arms straight (Follow-Through Position Section 8-11), in front of the ball and you can not have throw away (that is the clubhead passing the hands prior to the impact being achieved).

There is a Release of the Cocked Left Wrist at some given point during the downstrroke as the Clubshaft seeks its In-Line condition with the Left Arm, - Full Extension. The uncocking of the Left Wrist is Lever Extension only.

Power Accumulator #2

There is the Release of the Turned Left Hand as it Rolls and allows the Clubhead to overtake the Hands.

There is no release of the Right Hand, the Bent Right Wrist and the Clubhead Lag Pressure Point (Pressue against the forefinger) execept in a deliberate Throwaway procedure (allowing the clubhead to pass the hands prior to impact).

Ideally, the Right Wrist is never Cocked (Perpendicular Motion) during the Backstroke - so it cannot be Uncocked during the Downstroke. Instead, it is only Bent (Horizontal Motion) -- and that Bent condition is maintained through Impact and for as long as possible into the Follow-Through. There is no Flattening through Impact (also a Horizontal Motion) because any Flattening of the Right Wrist becomes Left Wrist Bend.

Throughout the Stroke, the Right Forearm Flying Wedge and its alignments support the Left Arm Flying Wedge and its alignments. And through Impact, it assures an On Plane Motion by Tracing the Straight Line Base Line of the Inclined Plane.


From the Top, the Right Forearm Flying Wedge only Rotates (Rolls to the left). The Right Wrist does not Flatten nor does it Uncock. The Left Arm Flying Wedge only Uncocks and Rolls. Consequently, the Left Wrist never Bends.

Any other movement invites Horizontal Motion through Impact. And that spells disaster.

Should the Left Wrist Uncock completely prior to or at impact? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The power has been spent prior to the Impact and the Clubhead will then pass the hands and will be on an Upward and Inward path.

When I uncock my Left Wrist my left arm and the club shaft are in a straight line. At the address the Left Wrist in a Level condition (Neutral) mid-way between cocked and uncocked. When my Left Wrist is Level the angle between my Left Arm and shaft should be roughly the same at it was at the Address Position. This is Accumulator #3. The Left Wrist will be fully uncocked AFTER impact.

Power Accumulator #3

There is both arms straight and then there is "Full Lever Extension." Full Lever Extension is Fully Uncocking the Left Wrist. This is a Vertical Motion.

Fully uncocking the Left Wrist puts the entire length of the Primary Lever Assembly on the ball. At impact the Left Wrist is Level and uncocking to Fully Uncocked Full Lever Extension.

Full Lever Extension = Full Power = Full Resistence to Deceleration.

If you want to hit soft shots have full Lever Extension AT impact. For power you want it AFTERWARDS.

It's like punching somebody. You don't want to hit them with your arm full extended. You want to impact them with some bend in your right elbow and then DRIVE it through them.

The Left Wrist Cock is the #2 Accumulator the true Velocity Accumulator.


Because it has such a short distance to travel to become in-line. The Lever Assembly is always inches away from full extension. If you want to compress the ball, practice slinging it into the ground.

Hit little hard chips. Finish with the club below your hands. Look, Look, Look, use your eyes and check this position. Is your Left Wrist Flat and Fully Uncocked? Then ball will explode off the clubface!!! And that' what it's all about - right?

Drill #1

I would recommend hitting a few thousand balls left handed, because it is the only way your going to test and know that your left arm action is good or not.

From the top, drag the club along the plane line until your in a position to strike with a bottom fist strike (commonly called Hammerfist - the wrist remains cocked) directly towards the aiming point on the plane line.

When your thrust is a straight line and your arm still moves in a circularish motion - when your line of thrust intersects this circle, the clubhead will start to overtake the left arm. You allow to uncock and roll back to a level and vertical condition relative to the ground whilst the back of the left hand strikes the hinge action plane.

Then impact has occured and your in an approximate follow-through position - allow your wrist to turn directly towards the plane to swivel into the finish - like you were preparing to make the bottom fist strike in the opposite direction - just like you should be doing on the backstroke to prepare for the downstroke.Once you do this - you could practice incorporating the right hand with a double overlapping grip as a practice aid....

Drill #2

As another drill - get a hammer. Hold it in your left hand as if you were ready to hammer a nail. Now turn that entire 'left arm wedge' that is the hammer and your left forearm, that 'on plane' left wrist cock - to the plane. (from your standard left hand hammer position, simply get into golf posture and turn the left wrist 90 degrees clockwise so your palm is facing you).

From this extreme you can 'hammer a nail through the inside back corner' and you will find that you don't need to think about the 'roll', just hammer that nail and the roll will take care of itself.

As you get the feel for this uncock and roll, you'll find that unless you want to play a fade, 10-2-B is the better option.

Release Motions

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