Tommy Tomasello (USPGA, GSED)

The following article was written by Mr. Alex Sloan (USPGA, GSED)

 My first recollection of Tommy is the fall of 1979 when he walked in to my shop carrying his briefcase and a little Yellow book. He came up to the counter and laid the book so I could read the front cover. I had never seen it before. It was the first time I heard of The Golfing Machine or Homer Kelley. I will never forget what he said next. "If you give me an order for some merchandise, I will give you a golf lesson from this book."

We looked at his samples and I gave him an order. Soon as we completed the business at hand, we went to the lesson tee. Tommy had been reading and studying the book and had held successful golf schools from what he had learned. He proceeded to tell me something I had never heard before, the Secret of Golf.

Then, I started hitting balls and doing what he instructed me to do. I thought I was a good ball striker but, seeing the success of doing what he told me to do, there was no comparison.

Now, I should tell you a bit more about Tommy. Tommy was a retired top Sargeant from the Military. He knew how to make presentations to people. He was a Dale Carnegie instructor. When he and I started conducting Golfing Machine schools, he know how to get the attention of the students and keep their attention.

Tommy was a gifted guitar player and singer. He loved playing and singing to people. He was never shy about entertaining whether it be one or a hundred.

As most know, after my one 30 minute lesson from Tommy about The Secret of golf, I won the next three golf tournaments I played in. It did not stop there. Among other events, I won the 1993 age division in the Dixie Section fall championship.

Prior to coming to see me I will tell you another story about Tommy. He had been keeping up with a young player by the name of Bobby Clampett. He found out Ben Doyle was his instructor. Tommy wrote Ben and asked him what made Bobby Clampett such a good player? Ben wrote Tommy back and just said, "The Golfing Machine" Tommy then wrote Ben back and asked, "What is The Golfing Machine?" Ben sent Tommy a copy of the Book. Tommy wrote Ben back and said it would take Mandrake the Magician or Houdini to understand this book. Ben wrote Tommy back and to read page X. Well, Tommy read Page X and started to understand the book better.

He told a golf Professional who was a friend of his to get ten students together, he wanted to put on a golf school. This was in Dothan, Alabama. He conducted a very successful golf school using the information he found in the book. It was after this he stopped by to see me in 1979 and again in the fall of 1980 to ask me to go with him to Seattle to attend the first class for authorized instuctors on The Golfing being held by Homer Kelley.

Tommy moved to Santee South Carolina after we had held many successful schools at Turtle Point. He signed up a large class of golf Professionals to take a class that was to be taught by Homer Kelley. Tommy persuaded Mr. Kelley to come and as I was to be there as well as Tommy to be of assistance to Mr. Kelley to help the with such a large group, he consented to go.

Homer never made it to Santee, S.C. as he died in Georgia during talking to the Georgia PGA during their spring education seminar.

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