Half Day power golf workshop

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Half Day power golf school

  Power Golf is Clubhead Control

Power Golf is impossible unless you can store the power. Working on anything else first is wasted time.

(Quoted Homer Kelley – The Golfing Machine).

The primary purpose of this Intensive Workshop is to offer all golfers a thorough understanding of the basic mechanisms that allows a golfer to power the full golf swing in the correct manner.

I will be describing and demonstrating in detail the Power Package Assembly which consists of the Four Power Sources (Accumulators) and their associated Four Pressure Points and how they are Loaded, Stored, Delivered and Released.

We will learn to Load the Power Package on the Backstroke, Store the Power late into the Downstroke and then Release the Power through the ball.

Once you understand the Four Sources of Power (Accumulators) you can then vary the amount of power for the type of shot you want to play.

Half Day Power Golf Workshop

Mini Power School #1 Saturday 11 May, 2013

Mini Power School #2 Saturday 13 July, 2013

No amount of effort is going to get that ball down the fairway. Most golfers waist so much energy and unless this is recognized golf remains a vague, frustrating, infuriating form of exertion.

This Stops Right Now!!!

Understand the Power Sources (Accumulators) in the golf stroke and with effortless Power watch it fly down the fairway

So much energy is waisted by the golfer trying as hard as they can to get the ball down the fairway with very little reward.

Unless this is recognised golf will always remain a vague, frustrating, infuriating form of exertion.

Ask Yourself the Following;

1. Am I losing distance.

2. I feel as though I should be striking the ball further than what I am.

3. I have a good swing, I am fit enough and strong enough but everyone seems to be hitting the ball past me.

4. Why am I using a 5 iron when others are using a 7 iron. I feel I should be using the same club.

5. All these questions and much more will be answered with detailed and precise answer.

 Tiger Woods Demonstrating the Power Sources

 Tiger Woods Power Accumulators

Power Accumulators

Follow the Link for all relavant information and an outline of the day's program

Half - Day Power Golf  Workshop


To All Golfers

Why is everyone else I am playing with hitting an 8 iron into this green and I am hitting my 6, and still often coming up short?

Why is everyone else’s driver so far down the fairway while mine is always short and in the right hand rough?

Why does my golf coach seem to tell me the same drills over and over again, month after month ….. I do them obsessively and still see the same result?

Does this sound familiar? This was me; well 12 weeks ago it was me.

I am well on the way to where I have always wanted to be. Not only have I gained 2 ½ club lengths now straighter than ever before, I understand and can diagnose what has gone wrong during my swing when I do miss.

This knowledge not only improves the confidence in my own swing but allows me the implement a structured practise plan on the range to maintain what we have achieved.

There are no airy fairy golf digest tips here.

The program follows a tried and proven specific path. If you set out on this journey and do not deviate from the path, you will find the destination you aspire to reach.

Mark Wagner – 14th December 2012

This class is strictly limited to four people only as it will be very much a hands on program for a full understanding




Half - Day Golf Directional Workshop

This program will focus solely on Directional Problems in golf.

Follow the Link provided to our Half - Day Golf Directional Workshop

I look forward to seeing you on the lesson tee

John Furze 

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