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Directional Control


Ball Control is Clubface Alignment Control  

The Golfing Machine is Revolutionizing Conventional Golf Instruction  

World Class Instruction is Right at Your Front Door


If YOU want to elevate your Game
Hit it Straighter, and Nearer the Hole
Then Practice what I am about to Share with You

 Half Day Directional Golf Workshop

Mini School #1 Satruday 8 June, 2013

Mini School #2 Saturday 10 August, 2013

Ask Yourself The Following;

  • Why do I Pull the ball to the left and then it slices to the right?
  • Why do I play the ball straight out to the left of the target although it is struck with authority?
  • How can I eliminate that dreaded slice to the right?
  • Why do I hook the ball to the left and it just keeps on running into those trees?
  • Why am I always off-Line and can not for the life of me get that little ball going straight in the direction that I want it to go?
  • These are only some of the areas that the golfer has direction problems with.

Throughout this Half-Day Golfing Machine Directional Workshop you will once and for all have a complete understand of the following;

1. Whay the ball goes where it does

2. By watching the flight of the ball you will then know what to do to correct this within your swing

3. If you need to play a particular type of shot (eg. Fade or Draw) you will know how to do this. 

 What You Will Hear On The Day... Will Change Your Golfing Game Forever !!!

Remember that the ball didn't go off-Line because it was mad at you. It simply went out there simply because you hit it there. It was law abiding. 

 Follow the Link for all relavant information and an outline of the day's program

 Half Day Golfing Machine Directional Workshop

This class is strictly limited to four people only as it will be very much a hands on program for a full understanding 




Half - Day Golfing Machine Power Workshop

This program will focus solely on the Power areas of the Golf Stroke. So if you are losing power or simply want more distance then this is for you.

Follow the Link to our Half - Day Power Golf Workshop

Both our Directional and Power Half  -Day Workshops are designed to give you a full understanding about the "Truth" behind these areas of the golf swing. 

Remember Knowledge is Power

I look forward to seeing you on the lesson tee

John Furze

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