Extensor Action

This is a steady effort to straighten the Bent Right Arm 

I am going to demonstrate how the two arms work in the golf swing.

Oops, looks like I've forgotten to put my left arm in its sleeve. [Pick up the sleeve -- no stretch yet -- with the right hand .]

No matter .. . the left arm doesn't do all that much anyway. It functions like a piece of string. But we all know that the left arm -- the string -- needs to be straight, so it needs to be 'stretched out'.

http://youtu.be/4oiBCz0sxrQ How do we do this?

With the right arm! Like this." [Demonstrate a good stretch of the sleeve.]

Now, how do we get this arm to the top of the swing. Not by turning the shoulders! And certainly not with the 'sleeve' itself! See, it won't move!' Again, we use the right arm! " [the bending right arm takes the sleeve to the top.]

Notice that the right arm keeps stretching the sleeve. This same action in your golf swing will give it width and structure.

But a lot of people stop stretching and so you look like this. [Demonstrate a backstroke with an unstretched sleeve.] So, your swing has no structure. It is flimsy. Keep that sleeve -- your left arm -- stretched!"

Now, notice that the right arm can't be straight, it has to bend. That's because this sleeve is acting like a leash.
[Demonstrate backstroke again]. Now it wants to be straight -- [Demo: let go of the sleeve halfway back and let the right arm rapidly extend and straighten out.] -- but it can't!"

In fact, the right elbow gets more and more bent as it approaches the right shoulder and can't begin to straighten until it moves away from it.

It can't be fully straight until well past the ball [Demo Follow-Through, that is the clubshaft at a 45 degree to the ground after Impact]."

This is the way your arms work in the swing.

The right arm lifts and lowers the left and keeps it stretched out.

Now, go put on a jacket or a long sleeve shirt, but leave that left arm out of the sleeve. Get the feel.

Without a jacket, simply grasp your left wrist with your right thumb and forefinger and stretch that left arm! Now take it to the top, Keep the stretch into the Downstroke, Impact and Follow-through. Keep the stretch!

Do this little drill for a few minutes a day, and you'll soon find yourself playing better golf.    

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