The Secret of Golf  

The Secret of Golf is the "Inertia" of a Lagging Clubhead. It is Clubhead Feel. It is a Pressure.

You must Feel the Clubhead and NOT the Clubshaft. This is Clubhead Lag.

Pressure Point #3 senses the main line of communication and sends and receives information because everything that goes to and from the Clubhead goes through Pressure Point #3.

Lag by definition means "Trailing or Following". When the Clubhead passes the hands coming into Impact there is no "Lag". Without "Lag" the golf ball cannot be compressed, we cannot strike downward, and we have a tremendous power loss.

Clubhead Lag promotes a steady and even acceleration, giving us a dependable way to control distance.

Look at any picture of your favorite player at Impact. The Left Arm and Clubshaft are in ONE LINE! Never two lines. This means that the player is utilizing "Lag".

When a ball is struck with "Lag" it explodes off the clubface! Without this "lag" the sound turns into one of mush, a soft Impact instead of a driving Impact.

Clubhead Lag Pressure Point #3So we have a Clubhead Lag Pressure Point (Pressure Point #3) which is the Right Forefinger and this is always directing the club to where,  the inside back quadrant of the ball.

For example, a Driver striking a golf ball with a 2 degree "backward" leaning Clubshaft at 100 mph with 9.5 degrees of loft produces a launch angle of 6.4 degrees and a carry distance of 230 yards.

By changing Impact to a 2 degree forward leaning Clubshaft the player produces a launch angle of 10.4 degrees and a carry of 251 yards. A 21 yard increase without buying a new Driver and simply having Clubhead Lag!

YOU can improve your game dramatically by following the steps outlined above. Become the best player YOU can be and start winning those 4 way presses!

The following video demonstrated by Lynn Blake is an absolutely Imperative to watch.  Lynn deomstrates the Secret of Golf.

Drag a Wet Mop and FEEL Pressure Point #3 - Lag is Pressure and Pressure is Lag

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