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Introduction to GOLFThere is no one method of teaching the golf swing.This system of teaching is based on a Scientific approach and not just on "Feelings, Theories and Opinions".

This program will provide you with the answers by way of scientific and irrefutable facts of the golf swing, which involves the two basic elements of geometry and physics. This program will provide you with the knowledge of the principles of the golf stroke

First and foremost I would like to pay tribute to the Late Homer Kelley, author of the book "The Golfing Machine". I give Mr Kelley full credit for my knowledge of the G.O.L.F. Stroke. I continue to teach and promote The Golfing Machine in every possible way as to me it is the Truth that lies behind playing great golf. For me personally it is not just being able to play good golf but to be able to help all golfers to enjoy this great game.

The following is a quote from Mr Homer Kelley being interviewed on the publication of the First Edition of The Golfing Machine in 1969.

"I found that by my own thinking and talking to others that they had read many books but they all seemed so much alike. I found that although they go into the subject that there was something better than Feel or something behind Feel that needed to be investigated and I found that there were relationships that needed to be maintained and understood and I found that the best way to describe these relationships was on a Geometrical Basis.

This is very simplified, now this is a perfectly legitimate and necessary element of the game because nothing as complicated as the golf stroke can be handled with any Feel without a Feel System, and I found that the average student was able or unable to then grasp my Feel and that didn’t mean anything to him, and I talked to many pro’s and I found that this was my trouble to.

I found that the geometrical relationships stems I began to take my Feel from the relationships rather than from just how it felt and this gave me something very concrete to go by". Thanks Homer

Use whatever means to swing the golf club (the more Orthodox the better), making sure that you obey the Laws (these are not just laws made up for this game of golf but universal Laws of Force and Motion that apply for every facet of living and by applying these Laws, will give you the desired ball effect (the ball behaviour) that you are after.

This system of teaching is based on a scientific approach and not just on “Feelings, Theories and Opinions” of what Professional Golfers merely thought they were doing. In many instances we hear Professionals saying that they did this and that, but when their swings were analyzed with the use of high-speed photography, they were in fact not doing what they believed that they were doing.

In today’s high tech world of sophisticated computerization where everything we do is touched by advancement in computers e.g. from the food we eat to the car we drive, from placing a bet to booking our holiday. It is not surprising that our thirst for knowledge seeks a more technical and logical explanation than just “do it this way”.

As Homer Kelley author of “The Golfing Machine” once said “Why trust instinct when there is Science”.

Scientific studies and recommendations are no substitute for a players experience in learning the golf swing. We must all, as golfers understand the concepts that are involved and how best these can be applied.

This program will provide you with the answers by way of scientific and irrefutable facts of the golf swing, which involves the two basic elements of Geometry and Physics.

Golf can be an easy and a difficult game to the many people who play it. It is easy in that anybody can tee up a ball from the start and put it into the hole in whatever amount of strokes, without having the faintest idea on swing technique. It is difficult because total perfection is virtually unobtainable because the golf stroke is so complex and demanding of a great deal of precision. I can remember assisting Gary Player in a golf clinic many years ago and he said, “I have won more tournaments than any golfer, I have hit more golf balls than any other golfer in the world but I have yet to learn how to play this game properly.

There is a book which was written many years ago by a group of scientists called “ The Search For The Perfect Swing” and they found that after many years of research that they came to the conclusion, that there is no and never will be such a thing as a perfect golf swing. They found that all top golfers had certain things in common - they obeyed the laws of Geometry and Physics.

Although when you watch all golfers swing, optically they all look different. For example if we look at Greg Normans swing he really looks as though he is very aggressive and yet if we compare his swing with Ian Woosnan who stands at five foot four in height his swing looks a lot easier and yet he can hit the ball further than Greg. So although optically they all look different there are certain compatibilities in there swings that they all have in common.

So shall we endeavour to give you an understanding of these laws and how you can apply them to your own golf swing and therefore take your game to another level.

We shall make it as simple as possible but remember by leaving things out to do this, will only make it incomplete and therefore a very weak game is inevitable.

The golf swing is like a big jig saw puzzle. We build the swing or put the pieces together piece by piece and when we have finished, what a beautiful picture, what a great effective golf swing we have. It is both understanding and seeing the whole picture that is important not just bits of the swing here and there.

Mastering the art of Golf can take a lifetime. What do we want to achieve?

1. Perfection? - Well maybe something close to that ideal.

2. Single figure handicap.

3. A feeling of confidence and achieving consistency in our shots.

4. A reasonable standard - so we don’t look ridiculous on the course.

This structured program is designed to take your own natural abilities, and by applying certain Principles develop the skills necessary to play better golf.

Most player's problems come from “a lack of knowledge not a lack of ability”. (Ben Hogan).

This program will not only improve your golf stroke by making the game more enjoyable to play, but will help you maximize distance, direction and consistency.

You will be taken through the physical movements of the golf stroke to allow you to discover the correct “feel”. The golf stroke is what we call a motor skill, which is to do with the physical movements of the human body. And it is through this physical motion that creates this “feel”. Golfers must learn to play by feel and that sensation is different for each individual.

There is a Tour Professional named Jim Furyk and he has one of the most unorthodox golf swings that you could imagine but he knows exactly where that clubhead is at all times and through feel of the club-head he can bring that club head back to the ball consistently to execute the shot at hand. To effectively learn a motor skill we must have a very clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve and why.

The body must learn these physical movements through regular practice of golfing drills.

Quite often it is a matter of subtracting not adding information that is important and by clearing up any misconceptions.

A golfer could have for example four different ways in his mind of how to commence the take away of club and be so totally confused which is the right way, that in the end he cannot even start the club back properly. This is known as “Paralysis through Analysis” and unfortunately this is a very common problem with most golfers even at the Professional level.

Through this program you will understand the Facts and the Illusions. You will find that when the Facts are understood, the Illusion will not only cease to mislead but you can utilize them to your best advantage. It is the illusions of the senses (what the eyes see or what they think they see) that have been the problem for golfers.

The great Bobby Jones who achieved the grand slam of golf (winning the four major tournaments in the same year) was using hickory shafted golf clubs even back in the 1920’s- so having the latest or best equipment won’t guarantee success without the application of the correct principles that must be applied when swinging the golf club.

This program is all about arming you with the knowledge of the principles of the golf stroke and putting these into practice in the style that best suits you. 

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