Left Wrist - Level Condition

The Wrist is in a Level condition when the wrist bone and the edge of the hand (to the first knuckle of the first finger) form a straight line.

The key to controlloing the club is through Educated Hands.

The following article will discuss the Left Wrist Condition

The Classic Adjusted Address Alignments are (Bent Left Wrist and Flat Right Wrist) and this favours the Swinger's Centrifugal swing back and then its Drag Loading (10-19-C) with its Longatudinal Clubshaft PULL through Impact.

This is an out and out PULL, striving to accelerate the clubshaft lengthwise. Start the club down as though it were being drawn from a quiver like an arrow feathered end first.

Both 'Hitter's' and 'Swinger's' can start from the Impact Fix Wrist Condition (Flat Left Wrist and Bent Right Wrist) but these Alignments do favour the Hitter's muscular 'Carry Back' Motion and Drive Loading (10-19-A) with Radial Clubshaft PUSH through Impact.

This is an "Axe Handle" technique of the Hitter, an out and out Right Arm Thrust against the Clubhead Lag. Radial Clubshaft PUSH is always Right Arm Thrust.

With both 'Swinging' and 'Hitting', the Bent Left Wrist in Adjusted Address (8-3) becomes Flat in Start-Up (8-4) by using 'Extensor Action' (6-B-1-D). Homer Kelley strongly recoomended using Pressure Point #3 for Extensor Action for the Swinger. Refer to 10-19-0, 3rd paragraph concerning the Swinger and the use of Extensor Action.

The Left Wrist moves to 'Uncocked' after Impact and this is Full Extension of the Primary Lever Assembly with the Left Arm and Clubshaft in a Straight Line.

This therefore results in a Zero #3 Accumulator (7-18) and an 'In Line' Left Arm Flying Wedge (6-B-3-0-1 Page 74).

The Right Wrist remains in its Bent and Level Condition during this Full Extension.

Therefore the On Plane Right Forearm Flying Wedge (6-B-3-0-1) remains unchanged and in its Precision 90 Degree relationship with the Left Arm Flying Wedge.

Read The Golfing Machine Book by Homer Kelley (6-B-3-0-1) in regards to the Flying Wedges as this is Precision.

The Right Wrist must NEVER move from Level to Uncocked through Impact as the Right Wrist only Bent Back throughout the Backstroke and Downstroke so as it never Cocked it can not and should not Uncock.

The Left Wrist is not Level when the Hand is in the 'Karate Chop' position and the middle finger runs up the Forearm. It is Cocked.

The Left Wrist is in a Level Condition when the wrist bone and the edge of the hand to the first knuckle of the first finger) form a straight line. This puts the finger in a slightly downward pointing position. Refer to 4-B-1 and its accompanying text.

With the Flat Left Wrist Level at Impact, this will assure that the Primary Lever Assembly (the Left Arm and Clubshaft) will not achieve Full Extension until Post (after) Impact.

Refer to The Golfing Machine Book Chapter 4 for all Individual Wrist Postions.

Remember that the key to contolling the club is by Educated Hands.

The Hands are the main lines of communication between the body and the Clubhead. 

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